Why Aged Care Support Services are Important

There are around 73 million baby boomers as of 2020. These are the people who are 56-74 years old, and in 10 years, all of them will be over 65 years old. They are going to be the second-largest age group and need aged care support services.

You might be wondering why such support services are essential while there are aged care homes where elderlies can get these kinds of support. This article will talk about the importance of in-home support services for the elderly.

Aged Care Support ServicesMost seniors don’t want to go to aged care homes

According to a survey from 2018, 76% of adults aged 50 and above chose to live in their current homes if possible. However, 46% of them were worried that it would not be possible. At least 77% said that they want to at least stay within their community, and only 59% believed that it is possible.

Many factors affect their ability to age at home. These include immobility, disability, or chronic health conditions that are preventing them from living alone.

Aside from these physical inabilities, most seniors, especially those who are living alone and no family within the vicinity, need companionship. Research says that loneliness causes serious health problems, cognitive decline, and even death in the elderly.

Elderlies need in-home care

Most elderlies need help with their daily activities like personal care and housework activities such as eating, getting dressed, and washing. Sometimes, they need a friend or a companion to an appointment. Some of them need intensive care and a medical alert system.

Elderlies need transportation assistance

Elderlies have regular medical appointments or social events, and most of them are unable to drive. They need someone to help them, especially if they are disabled or wheelchair-bound.

Elderlies need someone to maintain their home for them

Some elderlies love to travel and need someone to look after their home. Also, there are other home maintenance activities that they cannot do anymore, such as cleaning and gardening. They also need assistance when something needs to be repaired at home. Seniors are prone to falling, which results in injuries, and this is why they always need someone to assist them in their house chores. Moreover, most of them have pets but are unable to take care of it due to their conditions.

Elderlies use technology too

Most seniors would like to enjoy the technology as well. While modern technologies can be activated by touch or voice, elderlies need assistance to set up these gadgets. Also, there are still a lot of things about the technology that is hard for them to understand, so someone who can help them operate these pieces is essential.

Aging is something that we cannot prevent. As we grow old, our body gets weaker, keeping us from doing the things that we could do when we were younger. Staying in an aged care home will keep the seniors safer and let them socialize with other elderly. However, most seniors prefer to spend the rest of their lives in their homes, along with their happy memories.

In-home aged care support services are vital to helping seniors continue their lives with ease and comfort. Also, through these services, elders can meet new friends and companions through their caregivers which could help them improve their physical and emotional health.

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