How to Get Rid of Tonsil Stones Without Surgery

Believe it or not, but tonsil stones are a very common problem that many people suffer from. Most people that have these stones have never even heard about them before. Most sufferers feel alone because they feel it is a problem only them are dealing with.

Since tonsil stones are usually not heard of most doctors don’t know how to deal with them effectively. Most doctors will immediately prescribe antibiotics to remove these stones, but if that doesn’t work they will try to just ease the pain they’re causing at the back of the throat.

How to Get Rid of Tonsil Stones

What are the Tonsil Stones?

In order to get rid of tonsil stones, you need to first learn more about your tonsils. Glands made up of fleshy tissue are what your tonsils are. These tonsils contain lymphocytes, which are cells that get rid of viruses and infections. Your tonsils are located at the back of your throat and they contain net-like tissues on each side of them. These tissues are like nets that catch viruses and bacteria that try to pass through your throat.

Your tonsils are a part of the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is similar to your blood system, but it carries lymph fluid rather than blood. It is through the lymphatic system how your cells are able to absorb the nutrients and vitamins it needs. After the cells get what they require they get rid of toxins and everything they don’t need into the lymph fluid.

Your white blood cells will immediately go to work removing viruses and bacteria inside the lymph fluid. Lymph nodes are also part of the lymphatic system and they’re like filters that contain white blood cells that clean the lymph fluid of unwanted debris. Your tonsils are lymph nodes, which is why they get swollen whenever you get sick and you feel pain or soreness towards the back of your throat.

Tonsil function in Body

As you can see your tonsils are very important in keeping out bacteria, viruses, and other unwanted debris. This is why removing your tonsils to get rid of tonsil stones should be the last option. Tonsil stones are an accumulation of dead cells, bacteria, viruses, and mucous that get trapped in the openings in your tonsils. Once these bacteria, dead cells, and mucus that gets trapped in the pockets of the tonsils become hard and calcify it will lead to tonsil stones.

You’ll know you have stones in your tonsils if you take a mirror and look toward the back of your throat. These nasty little stones will look white and yellowish at the same time. Tonsil stones aren’t an immediate threat to your life but they will cause a lot of discomforts, especially if they get too big in size.

Tonsil Stones Symptoms

Some of the symptoms you’ll notice due to the formation of these stones include earaches, headaches, and difficulty swallowing foods. Probably the worst symptom of all is the bad breath you get due to the accumulation of tonsil stones. The good news is there are different ways to remove tonsil stones without surgically removing your tonsils.

Tonsil Stones Removal Methods

One tonsil stone removal method involves gargling saltwater. Simply combine a few tablespoons of salt to a cup of warm water and mix it up. Now drink this salted warm water solution but don’t swallow it. Instead, just gargle the saltwater solution in your mouth and spit it out. When you spit out the saltwater you might notice some of the stones getting spit out too.

The use of a water pick can also help remove these stones. Set the water pick on the lowest setting possible and spray the stones directly to knock out the stones. You can also use a Q-tip to help remove the stones as well. Simply take the Q-tip and push on the stones to help knock them loose. Make sure you use a mirror so you can see towards the back of your throat and remove the stones effectively.

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