5 Healthier Ways to Cook Udon That your diet needs

Everyone tries a little bit to care about their health in relation to what they consume, at least in this 21st century, there are so many things that pose health threats to the human species, which makes sense that people would apply caution in what they eat and how they prepare the food. It is no different when it comes to preparing Udon noodles. While it may be an easy dish to prepare, how you cook the noodles can make the difference. Here are five healthier ways you can determine to cook udon noodles to incorporate into your diet and start leading a healthier lifestyle, without compromising your love for udon noodles:

Incorporate lean meats in your dish

A lot of plain udon noodles are obviously not good for your health. If you rely on the noodles wholly for a long time, you may be depriving yourself of some of the more essential minerals, vitamins, and nutrients present in other foods. However, it does not mean that it is impossible to change things up. Since there is nothing wrong with the Udon noodles, try incorporating lean meats in your dish.

Try chicken skewers, lean beef, or a stake, as options to diversify your meal. While at it, make your meat choices healthy. This means going for meats that have fewer fats, which will only increase the cholesterol levels in your body. While at it, also consider some seafood, including salmon, or some tofu.

Udon noodles

Add vegetables

Everyone knows that veggies are the easiest way to get healthy. If you are such a big fan of Udon noodles, instead of feeling the pressure of letting them go, try incorporating veggies in your dishes. The good thing is that the yaki udon noodles are flexible and can be tweaked to meet your needs and preferences.

Start by incorporating a few vegetables in your meal before you go all out. Try our carrots, sliced cabbage, spinach, to mention a few. Soon afterward, try adding more veggies, including sweet potatoes, mushrooms, scallions, among others of your liking. To keep it fun and tasteful, do not fret from adding your favorite spices in the dishes you serve.

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Add some eggs

Like mentioned earlier, Udon noodles are very flexible and compatible with several other dishes. In this case, to make a healthier soup than what you are used to, consider incorporating some eggs. Eggs are a healthy source of proteins, which are also necessary for the body. You can cook the eggs however you like them, whether boiled, fried or poached. For the Udon noodle soup, pouched eggs work best.

Use whole-grain noodles

If you are so used to the conventional noodles, it may be time to change things up. Whole grain noodles are healthier than the conventional ones, simply because they contain a lot of fiber content. They are also the best when preparing the peanut butter udon noodles. They are also a great idea for when you are making a salad with Udon noodles as the base of the salad.

Spice it up

Some spices may seem only useful for the taste, but they are also an excellent way to make your dish healthier than it is. Ideally, some of the spices are rich in vitamins and minerals that may not be present in the Udon noodles. A good example is a cinnamon, which is excellent in lowering blood sugar. You can also go for turmeric that is rich in anti-inflammatory components, holy basil that helps fight disease by boosting your immune system, ginger that is great for treating nausea, garlic for heart health, to mention a few. The handout is that the more spices you have, the healthier you become, and the tastier your meals are.

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