10 Funny Indian Railway Station Names will Make You LOL

Everything in this world has some name. For anyone, his name means a lot. But there are many such places in the world, whose names are very strange. However, India is not behind anyone in this case.

Making the country’s lifeline, Indian Railways takes millions of people every day from one place to another. Meanwhile, many stations will come on the way to your journey. Some of these names are very weird or funny actually. It will make you LOL. When you hear their names, you will be laughing. Let’s see some of the weird railway station names and pictures of these railway stations, which you will not be able to stop laughing.

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 1. Billi Junction

The name of this railway station has been included in the Funniest List because it is named Cat. Please tell that this station is located in Sonbhadra district of Uttar Pradesh. Every unknown passenger passing through here sees the station’s name repeatedly because it does not believe in the name of this station. Passengers read their name and give a laugh. You too will not be able to stop your laughing.

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