How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are a growing problem in Canada. Equal opportunity parasites, they don’t care if you are rich or poor. They are just as comfortable in mansions as they are in modest little bungalows. When you discover that these parasites are feasting on your family, you should immediately take steps for complete bed bugs extermination. If you are not sure what do bed bugs look like check the picture below and aware of the fact how to get rid of bed bugs then please consider below tips:

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Protect The Bed

A natural response to bed bugs is to get rid of the bed. The problem is that this never works. Their nests can be behind baseboards, in piles of papers or in any soft bedding around the house. They come out at night, have their meal and then return to hiding spots that may or may not be in the bed. Buying a new bed won’t work. Moving to another room in the house is futile because they will follow your body heat like a homing beacon. However, you can take steps to protect the bed.

Plastic mattress cover 

Invest in a quality mattress cover that will trap any bed bugs already in the mattress. You can further secure it by taping over the zippered closure.

Bed location matters 

Bed bugs climb, so move your bed away from all walls and other furniture. Eliminate as many items around the bed as possible.

Protect the legs

Put the legs in some kind of container that will prevent the bed bugs from climbing up them. Special containers are available, or you can use a dish filled with boric acid. Place metal legs in a dish that has an inch of soapy water in the bottom.

These steps will not eliminate the infestation, nor will they keep every bed bug out of your bed. However, they will provide you with the ability to sleep at night while you work on the bigger problem

Remove all Clutter

There are two problems with clutter in a home that has bed bugs; it provides hiding places and it makes cleaning difficult. Remove as much clutter as possible. Wash and dry fabric items on the highest temperature settings to destroy any bugs and eggs. Seal the items in a plastic bag and put it in storage at a friend’s house or in a storage locker. Check papers for eggs or bugs before sealing them tightly in plastic. Remove as much as possible from the home, and move all furniture away from the walls. This will make it easier to start actually removing the bed bugs.

Daily Cleaning

Wash and dry bedding on the highest temperature settings to kill the bugs. When removing sheets carefully roll them so any eggs or bugs are trapped inside. Vacuum the home daily, particularly around baseboards, under furniture and under cushions. The bag should be disposed of in the trashcan outside the home, preventing bed bugs from crawling out and returning to the nest.

Take these steps even if you hire a professional to help you with bed bugs extermination. They will help ensure that infiltrators do not return to your home. The process can be time consuming, but you can eliminate the bed bugs from your home. You don’t have to dispose of all your belongings, most items can be cleaned and saved. Remain diligent, stay calm and you will defeat these little invaders.

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