4 Post-pandemic eCommerce Beauty Tips for Retailers

Beauty products like makeup and perfume can be tough to sell online since most people use testers before purchasing anything. However, the pandemic has forced everyone to buy everything online due to safety protocols and restrictions. The big question is, how will retailers continue to stay relevant despite the pandemic?

Even though the beauty industry is known for surviving many economic recessions, it does not mean that it is not affected by the recession. Makeup is one of the most challenging things to buy online as you cannot test it nor see how it looks on your skin. Still, people have been doing it anyway because beauty brands and retailers have been bringing the brick-and-mortar experience virtually. For expert eCommerce tips, it is best to check out Matthew Lepre reviews.

Now that we somehow see the end of this pandemic, we have prepared for you some tips for your post-pandemic beauty retail business to keep your business relevant after this tough time.

eCommerce Beauty Tips

1. Having virtual testers will improve your e-commerce platform.

Like what we mentioned above, testing products before purchasing is essential to many consumers. Fortunately, the technology we have today can make it possible through augmented reality and virtual reality. More and more major companies like Google have been investing in AR/VR technology to keep up with the potential trends during the post-pandemic period.

Some beauty brands have already established these kinds of technology, and some are even taking it to the next level. The demand for AR/VR technology will skyrocket in the next few years, especially for online retailers, so you need to keep an eye out for it.

2. Natural products will be on continuous growth.

Natural products are not only good for our skin but are also good for our environment. These products are known to be gentle and effective, and most beauty brands are selling them for a more affordable price compared to other beauty products with harsh chemicals in them.

This generation is getting more into natural beauty products, so Korean beauty products are still booming alongside it. Fortunately, online beauty retailers can rely on wholesale Korean skincare sites to provide their beauty needs at a competitive price. If you sell Korean cosmetics, we highly recommend you check them. But if you do not offer any natural-based beauty products, you should start stocking up right now.

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3. Your beauty business should be able to adapt fast to the volatile beauty trends.

If you are worrying that your sales might flunk after the pandemic is over, then you are worrying about something that will not happen. The competition in the beauty industry has always been fierce. Still, this generation is becoming more digital as years go by, and online shopping will continue to be one of the primary shopping methods even after we survive the pandemic.

However, you cannot be too confident because keeping an online store relevant is the challenge you will face. Even if you already made a name out of your retail business, you cannot stop improving your service. The beauty industry’s trends have constantly been changing, and you need to keep up with it before your beauty business goes down.

4. Improve your customer relationship as much as you can.

Excellent customer service is where many beauty companies and retailers fail the most. You cannot please every customer, and shipping and delivery are out of your control, but you need to provide human support when they have concerns and queries. Bots are helpful, especially when you run with a limited workforce, but nothing can beat talking to a real person when you get frustrated about your orders.

Having a real customer service agent can also offer better services for your consumers like those they receive in physical stores. For example, not all your consumers are knowledgeable about beauty products and skincare. It would be nice if someone can actually explain and answer their questions as actual sales representatives do. Also, hiring customer service agents can open an excellent opportunity for those who went out of jobs during the pandemic.


Retailing beauty products has never been easy, but with the advanced technology and the ever-changing consumer behavior and spending habits, it is getting easier as time goes by. Remember that there is always room for improvement, so even if your business has already been well-known and -established, never stop looking for ways to improve it.

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