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The Ministry of Labour and Employment in India created the E Shram card platform to help employees in unorganised industries. This e-Shram platform has been created to track all information and collect data on unorganised sector labourers and workers. This platform is a blessing for unorganised sector workers who are denied the benefits of social security, insurance and pension schemes. Let’s discuss more E Shram Card registration Login Portal @ web.umang.gov.in.

The Ministry has conducted an online survey to get information about unorganised labourers and workers in India. The survey aims at providing a single window to access the details of all labourers and workers in India. The e-Shram platform has been created as a Master Record Data Collection System which will be accessible to all stakeholders via web portals. This platform will enable users to access detailed information like post-wise data collection details, employment status, industrial profile etc.

E Shram Card

About E Shram Card platform

The e-Shram platform is based on the data shared by central and state government departments. The platform will create a master record of all unorganised workers in the country and will help them get social security benefits, insurance and pension schemes like other organised sector workers. It helps provide a better system to access, store and process information collected from employers, workers and all other stakeholders in a single portal. The big advantage of this platform is that it has helped remove duplicity of data collection at various levels like state level, district level etc. This has made the process transparent and corruption free which otherwise can be done manually.

e shram card registration process

Step 1: You can search google or any search engine with the term “e shram card registration”, or “eshram card registration”.

Step 2: Click the login link given here

Step 3: Enter the Aadhaar Linked Mobile number,

Step 4: Enter Captcha

Step 4: Click the given suitable details EPFO member or ESFO member ( Yes/No).  Send OTP on your mobile number and complete the registration process.

Esharam card registration for google App Store E sharam card registration for Apple Store

How does it work?

The e shram card has been divided into submodules like master, establishment, worker, employer etc. Each one of these sub-modules is created for a purpose. The Master module provides all details about the stakeholders which are establishments and workers from the unorganised sector. The Establishment module allows users to enter details of the establishments and their workers along with all the extraction details provided by them like bank account numbers, PAN card numbers etc. This platform helps in creating an initial record for workers who are not included in other records.

Benefits of E Shram Card 2023:

As we have already seen, there are people working in the unorganised sector like clothes, jewellery, glove making, machine parts etc. They are not included in the organised sector and as a result, many of these workers remain deprived of proper facilities. These unorganised workers do not get social security benefits like pensions, insurance and even housing benefits. This has been a major issue for unorganised workers who are forced to live without proper facilities and living conditions. The e-Shram platform gives them all the facilities to access their basic rights as per the law of India.

Final Verdict:

Since the Government of India has not come out with any final decision on this subject, the stakeholders should work together and make the government clear their stand. It is a very big thing for people to get benefits immediately and on their birth. They need to be included in the pension scheme fully.

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