Common Air Duct Problems

When it comes to energy efficiency and the overall efficient heating and cooling of one’s home, nothing can be more vital than the air ducts. The central unit of the air conditioning and heating system is the brain but it is the air ducts that execute what the system is trying to accomplish and that is effective heating and cooling. With that being said, here is a look at some of the common air duct problems that one could face with their heating and cooling unit. Without a doubt, there are plenty of places to go when it comes to air duct repair Arlington.

Common Air Duct Problems

One of the most common problems when it comes to air ducts is keeping them clean. When a heating and air conditioning unit has gotten some age on it, the air ducts will accumulate dust and different other particles. There are times when certain animals and rodents can find themselves living and nesting inside of the air ducts. This can cause major problems. The animals can die and with that can bring noxious odors inside of the home. Certain dust particles can harbor inside of the ducts and when the unit is turned on will pass those particles inside of the home. This could be a very harmful thing for those who have problems with certain allergies and breathing problems. Regular cleaning of the ducts can remedy that problem. There are plenty of companies who can help with this cleaning and air duct repair in Arlington.

Another common problem when it comes to air ducts is loose and damaged pipes. Flexible pipes are the norm these days and there are older homes that still have the old solid sheet metal pipes. Regardless, the pipes can develop holes in them and when this happens it means that air is leaking into the crawlspace. Mice are well known for chewing holes in flexible pipes. Leaking air in the duct means that more energy is being used in order to heat and cool the home. Again, regular maintenance and inspection of the unit and the ducts will make sure that problems such as this will not arise and if they are present to make sure that they are remedied.

Lastly, another common problem when it comes to air ducts is making sure that they are sealed. Any kind of leak in the pipes and the grates inside of the home will mean that air is not being dispersed correctly. This means that more energy is being used and the worst thing is that the heating and cooling unit is not doing their full job. Over time, the ducts can become loose for various reasons. Being vigilant in making sure that the ducts are tight and fully secure will go a long way in ensuring that any heating and cooling unit will be around for years to come. Staying on top of these things will no doubt enable any heating and cooling system to be around for a very long time.

The best thing to know is that there are reputable companies out there that can make sure that any air conditioning and heating unit will run to the best of its ability. A unit is installed in a new home or one that is being repaired inside an existing one, regardless the air ducts need to be at their best. Being on top of any common air duct problems is the best thing to do when it comes to ensuring the proper operating and maintenance of any heating and air conditioning unit. I also recommend hiring ISO cleanroom to do ISO validation tests in each room to ensure the air flow are positive.


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