Carly Foulkes wiki, Age, Height, Instagram, Wiki and Lesser known facts

Carly Foulkes born August 4, 1988, is a Canadian model, actor and actress known as a T-Mobile T.V. advertiser myTouch 4G, mostly clad in pink/magenta and white summer dresses. In the other T-Mobile advertisement, she was portrayed as a rose and black leather-clad biker teen. She remained as a spokesperson. She worked as the T-Mobile Spokesperson, with sporadic appearances since then, mostly from fall 2010 until spring 2013.

The singer came into being on August 4, 1988. She’s a Toronto resident, Ontario native. Carly is nationally Canadian and ethnically British white. Together with her family, she grew up in her hometown of Toronto. Pauline Foulkes is her mother’s name, but the name of her parents is uncertain. Two sisters are known in her family as Kimmy Foulkes and Angie Foulkes. She grew up in England with them and spent the summers.

Carly Foulkes

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Carly Foulkes wiki, Age, Height, Instagram, Wiki and Lesser known facts

Real NameCarly Faulkes
Date of Birth4 August 1988, Toronto, Canada
  • Model
  • T.V commercial actress
Age32 Years as of Jan 2021
Height175 cm
Relationship StatusNot Known
Zodiac Leo
Net Worth$3M estimated
Social MediaInstagram – carlyfoulkes 

Twitter – foulkescarly

Personal Life and Relationship

Carly Foulkes has not yet been married and is not dating anyone. The model has kept secret all things about its love life and affair amid its wide social media presence. She is a dedicated computer player, loves her PlayStation 3. She enjoys skateboarding, as well. And during her high school days, she enjoyed wearing black and leather cuffs. She declined to offer her details about her friendship. Her only established romance relationship is the love affair lasting two and a half years with her former lover, actor in 2011, named Tyler. Carly appears to be single now.


She attended Catholic Secondary School at Loretto Abbey in Hogg’s Hollow, North York, Ontario, Canada. She is an all-girl Catholic high school.

Physical Appearance

Carly is 31 years old in the Abercrombie & Fitch model. Under Leo’s birth symbol, she was conceived. The stunning Carly model earns you fame everywhere you go. The height of Carly is 8 inches 5 feet. It has 51 kg of weight.


At the age of 13 in the Toronto area, Foulks began her modelling career. She moved to New York City to model agents after finishing her secondary school education. In Singapore and Europe, find a modelling job. On her way back to New York, she began her career in acting. In April 2009, Foulk published Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Abercrombie & Fitch, Macy’s in Mexican Elle magazine, and Rugby’s ads. She and Models and Model work are depicted.

She became the T-Mobile 4G Speaker with her hard work and struggled in autumn 2010. As of December 2011, Carly Foulkes was present in different ads. And a dozen ads have been made. In 2013, however, T-Mobile announced it would not participate in the campaign. However, she stayed under T-Mobile arrangements and was unclear in plans. In 2019, Foulkes also walked the ramp for the Collina Strada exhibition in autumn/winter (New York).

Awards/ Achievements

She got no Prize. However, as it has a great look and works hard, it will be rewarded.

Social Media

Carly is involved in the social networking media in ‘Rugby Ralph Lauren’s model. Her works for a variety of magazines, runway shows and tv advertisements earn her name and fame. Carly is a model, and her social media pages are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and followers to many fans.

Carly Foulkes Net Worth

In 2019, as per the net Celebrity, Carly Foulke had an overall net valuation of some $3 million. From her modelling contracts, she receives a fee of $1 million per year. In two or three opponents, Foulkes was made synonymous with the smartphone firm’s logo, which features in numerous magazines, written promotional campaigns and viral videos. The model has worked for Rugby Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie & Fitch, Macy’s and Tommy Hilfiger in the April 2009 cover of Mexican Elle magazine and promotional content. In fall 2010, she was named T-Mobile 4G Speaker.

Unknown Facts Carly Foulkes

  1. She grew up with her sisters in Toronto, Ontario, but she had been spending the summer in England since her parents were British.
  2. Carly Foulkes began posing in Toronto in 2001 when she was 13.
  3. She moved from Toronto, Ontario to New York, USA, after graduating high school to work with modelling agencies.
  4. In a few modelling campaigns in Singapore and Europe, she soon found jobs. She moved back to New York and began her acting career after that.
  5. The Canadian actress and singer, Jessica Paré, has been often confused with Carly Foulkes.
  6. She is sometimes referred to as a “perfect brunette picture.”
  7. Her central split with T-Mobile arrived, and in autumn 2010, she became the T-Mobile 4G spokesperson.
  8. In 2009, Carly Foulkes pronounced mobile as a phrase rhyming with the word “smile” during her T-Mobile trials, more of an English Canadian pronunciation than an English American.
  9. Following its participation in T-Mobile advertising, she rapidly became a famous icon when the advert had analogies to Justin Long/John Hodgman “Get a Mac” ads, as well as the coverage on numerous popular U.S. networks and a multitude of websites.
  10. In the beginning, the firm signed Carly Foulkes to be cast for 2 or 3 ads.
  11. In the T-Mobile advertisements, she wears pink, and Magenta skirts as the company’s colour mark are Magenta.
  12. Her everyday pink skirts and high heels are abandoned in the black and rose biker outfit and boots before motorcycling in later advertisements for the brand.
  13. Carly Foulkes was described as “one of the most recognizable brand speakers” by Laura Stampler, a Business Insider journalist, in March 2013.
  14. In September 2013 she participated in a public service T-Mobile announcement about text and driving.
  15. Carly Foulkes has said she hardly wears true pink and she prefers to wear dark-coloured clothing, considering the picture as a girl with pink / magenta-and white summer dresses for T-mobile my Touch 4G advertisements.
  16. She is an addict and a professional skater for computer games.
  17. On Instagram, Email, Youtube, join Carly Foulkes.

Final Words: 

Hence the article tells about the Carly Foulkes Wiki and Unknown Facts. Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on August 4, 1988. She is an actor, known for The Blanket 2011 and Momentary Halfway Else 2013 and 2012.

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