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Larry Nassar is a former American osteopathic physician and USA Gymnastics national team doctor. He is a convicted sex offender in the 2015 USA gymnastics sex abuse scandal. After this scandal, a lot of people started searching regarding him. He was accused of assaulting more than 250 girls and women sexually in the earlier 90s. Apart from this, he is serving the federal penalty of 60 years of prison and state penalty of 40 to 125 years in prison after he pleaded guilty for more than 10 acquisitions. Do you know that before getting sentenced, he was actually a shot after a physician at Michigan State University and also a star in sports medicine? Apart from this, for more than two decades, he was a household name in the gymnastic community.

Larry Nassar

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Larry Nassar Wiki, Bio, Height, Wife, Controversy and Little Known Facts

Wiki biography

Larry Nassar’s full name is Lawrence Gerrard Nassar. He was born on 16 august 1963 in Farmington Hills Michigan United States. In 1978, when he was just 15 years old, he started giving training to the student athletes of the women gymnastic team. This move explained about his career as a gymnastic doctor. Later on, in the year 1985, he completed his undergraduate degree from Michigan University. He completed in astrology and while passing the degree he also worked for the universities football and field and track teams.

He did not stop working for his career. Yes, in the year 1995, he got enrolled for the master’s degree program. Along with this, he also worked as a graduate assistant athletic trainer at the wind state university. Later on, he got accepted to the medical school at Michigan state university, and at that time he gets dropped out of his master’s degree. He attended Michigan state university college of osteopathic medicine for getting his doctor’s degree in osteopathic medicine.

Physical appearance

His height is approx. 5 feet 5 inches and his hair color is black. He is having hazel brown eyes.

Family and siblings

His father’s name is Fred Nassar and his mother is Mary Nassar. His father died in the year 2000 and in the year 2019 his mother also died. He is having four siblings and among the five he is the youngest. He is having three elder brothers and one elder sister.

Relationships, wife, and children

In the year 1996, he got married to Stephanie Lynn Anderson at the Saint John Catholic Church. He is having two daughters namely Kathleen and Caroline. Additionally, he is also having one son named Ryan. Due to his convictions, his wife filed a divorce in the year 2017 July. After the divorce gets granted, she also was given the full custody of her three children.

Sexual assault acquisitions

Larry Nassar has been accused of sexual assault for more than 250 women and girls. Apart from this, several gymnasts also started complaining about his behavior in the earlier 90s. However, until 2015, no actions were taken by the US gymnastic regarding him.

In the year 1994, and American Gymnast, Jamie Dantzscher filed a sexual abuse complaint against him. Later she became an Olympic medalist and according to the 2016 lawsuit, he continued to abuse her for the next six years as well.

Larry Nassar was sexually abusing the women gymnasts from 1992. Even, when he completed his medical school and became the licensed doctor, at that time also there were many complaints

Apart from this also there were several cases reported against him from different patients and gymnasts as well.

Media coverage

In the year 2016 on august 4, a lengthy investigation was published in the morning daily newspaper of the United States. In that, all the details regarding the sexual abuse complaints regarding Larry Nassar and how the U.S. Gymnastics is handling it work given. Later on, in the year 2016 September, the newspaper also reported about the charges that were framed by gymnasts against him.

Later on in the year 2017 February, a one hour program was broadcasted on the CBS television network. In that, 3 former gymnasts were interview. At that time they explain how he sexually abused them. Apart from this also there were several gold medal win gymnasts who interviewed and given their statements against him.

Child pornography charges

In the year 2016 December, he was also first arrested by FBI on the child pornography charges. At that time more than 37000 images of child pornography were discovered and recovered from is computer disk and drive. Even a video was also found where he was molesting the girls in a pool. At that time he was are for sexually assaulting a minor.


After getting all the complaints and charges, he was charged for first-degree criminal sexual conduct but there he was not pleaded guilty and freed on a 1 million dollar bond. But, when the child pornography case raised then he was sentenced for 60 years of federal prison. At that time his punishment started. Later on, in 2018, January 24 he was sentenced to 175 years in prison by the court.

To finally these are some of the major details that you should know about Larry Nassar.

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