How a CBC Blood Test Can Help You Understand Your Overall Health

A CBC blood test is crucial in deriving a complete picture of the blood cells in your body. The test gives you an accurate count of platelets, RBCs, and WBCs, which is vital information for detecting abnormalities in your body.

A CBC blood test can be performed on everyone by taking a blood sample. It is usually available within a day, and the results are easily read by everyone. Frequent testing of the health of your blood cells is recommended by doctors everywhere.

A CBC test involves standard testing with levels staying the same internationally. A test obtained by two different laboratories should give you the same results. More information about this test is provided below.

CBC Blood Test

Why should you take the test?

You may choose to get a CBC test for various reasons. Some of the most obvious ones are as follows:

1. General check-up

When you ask for a general body check-up, a CBC blood test is definitely performed. It gives a good picture of your body’s wellness state and indicates abnormalities that are helpful to identify the underlying condition.

2. Diagnosing conditions

The most useful application of the CBC blood test is that it is the most general diagnostic test that instantly reports abnormalities. Chronic diseases can be first detected by this simple test which saves the patient a lot of pain and treatment.

3. Treating chronic conditions

Once diagnosed, medication change has to be monitored through tests. Further good treatment can only get feedback through the CBC test. Regular testing helps your doctors and keeps them informed about your well-being.

4. Pre and post-surgery tests

It is essential to maintain stable levels before surgery. CBT tests are instrumental in assessing if a patient is fit for an operation procedure. Once the procedure is complete, checking if it has any side effects internally can be ensured by regular testing.

5. To alter medications

With any new change in dosage or the brand of medicine, a blood test is recommended to check for changes in your cells. Many abhorrent side effects go unnoticed when sufficient tests are not performed, and you continue taking medications that negatively impact your body.

These tests yield results within a day and are incredibly easy to perform. All health centers offer these tests, and there is no reason not to get them regularly. They are hassle-free and have tremendous abilities to identify underlying causes.

What can the test detect?

A CBC test is a detailed report on the different types of cells present in your blood. This includes red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. All these kinds of cells are imperative to the healthy functioning of the body.

A CBC blood test will include a report on the different white blood cells which are responsible for defending you against infections and fighting foreign bodies. They prevent inflammation and infections which could otherwise affect you.

Platelets are responsible for blood clots and are detrimental to the survival of an organism. A low platelet count is incredibly harmful and must be replaced immediately. These counts can only be obtained through a CBC test. It gives you a clear picture of the levels, and further tests can be performed to confirm a condition.

A CBC test can help you detect the following conditions.

  • Anaemia
  • Sickle cell disease
  • Dehydration
  • Leukaemia
  • Lymphoma

They help in detecting disorders like auto-immune and bone marrow disorders. A single test can detect other abnormalities like infections, inflammations, and haemoglobin diseases.

How often should you take the test?

Regular health check-ups are recommended for all adults. However, many neglect this piece of advice and only visit the doctor when they start showing symptoms. You should get a CBC test at least once every four months.

Regular tests don’t cause any harm and are incredibly useful for monitoring how your medication affects your blood cells. Traditional haemoglobin tests don’t give a complete picture when you want to monitor specific diseases. Certain cells are damaged and require compounds that don’t affect others. This can be achieved by changing doses and observing how they affect your blood cell composition.

You can detect fatal diseases in their early stages and treat them appropriately with a sound frequency of tests. Consulting a doctor about your risk levels will help you decide on the regularity of tests to stay safe.


A CBC test is very beneficial and recommended to all. You should get frequent tests to not miss out on fatal diseases and abnormalities with your blood cells. Identifying a problem in its early stages helps you overcome them by taking a much easier route and eliminating complications.

While it may seem like a nuisance when you aren’t showing any symptoms, it will prove beneficial when abnormalities are detected. Your future self will thank you for testing, taking precautions and treating your body well. Get a CBC test today to keep your health in check!

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