8 Breastfeeding tips that can be beneficial for your new-born

Being a mother is every woman’s dream. With being a mother comes a bundle of responsibilities and work that needs to be taken seriously and followed. The newborn baby should get all the treatment in the right way. Even a little negligence can be disastrous for the newborn. So, a mother should make sure that whatever she provides to her newly born baby must be just perfect in every way.

On the other hand, breastfeeding has a lot of benefits for both the mother and her baby. The milk in the breasts contains antibodies that help the baby combat some serious bacteria and viruses. Here, it can be easily understood that breastfeeding actually plays an important role in the life of every newly-born baby.

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Breastfeeding tips

Apart from consuming this ultimate super food shake when you are breastfeeding, you should also know that there are some breastfeeding tips that can actually be beneficial for your newborn. Let us have a look:-

1. Breast milk- It has it all.

This is the first tip that makes breastfeeding actually beneficial for your newborn. Breast milk is one of the most important meals for your newborn baby. It has all the nutrients, protein, vitamins, fats, and anything that your baby needs to grow. Breast milk is also easily digestible than any infant formula.

2. Helps fight viruses and bacteria.

When a mother breastfeeds her baby, she makes sure that her baby is protected and can easily fight off viruses and bacteria. A newly born baby is more prone to diseases, so it is only the mother’s milk that permits him/ her to easily combat any such viruses or bacteria.

3. It helps in lowering the baby’s risk of asthma or allergic conditions.

It is common for a newborn baby to suffer from any serious disease including asthma or any other allergies. In this case, breastfeeding proves to be extremely beneficial at the baby’s end. Breastfeeding also helps in lowering your baby’s risk of suffering from any allergy or asthmatic condition.

4. Breastfed babies are less prone to illnesses.

The babies, who have been successfully breastfed without any formula by their mother for the first 6 months, are unlikely to have ear infections, respiratory sickness, and diarrhea. Such babies are also less likely to have any hospitalizations or visits to any doctor.

5. High IQ scores.

According to some studies, breastfeeding has also proved to be extremely beneficial for your newborn with respect to having high IQ scores in later childhood.

6. Breastfeeding helps in gaining an appropriate amount of weight.

Infants who are properly breastfed by their mothers are more likely to gain the appropriate amount of weight as they grow instead of becoming overweight or obese children.

7. Assists in the prevention of SIDS.

Breastfeeding also plays a vital role in the prevention of SIDS, i.e., sudden infant death syndrome. Since the situation is common to occur after the birth of a baby; precautions are still needed to be taken.

8. It also helps in lowering down the risk of some serious diseases.

Last but not the least; breastfeeding also helps in lowering the risk of some other serious diseases as well, including diabetes, cancer, and obesity as well.

With the above tips, it can be easily understood that how beneficial breastfeeding can be for the newborn.

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