Employee Satisfaction Survey: 6 Tips to be Happier in Your Career

While everyone counts down the minutes until it’s time to head home for the day from time to time, some working professionals feel chronically unhappy in their careers. Significant work dissatisfaction is no laughing matter, as it can even contribute to worsened mental and physical health, strained relationships, and decreased motivation. Employees who feel unheard, don’t have a healthy balance between work time and recreation, or are constantly engaging in monotonous and unfulfilling tasks are often at risk of feeling bored and unsatisfied at work.

Luckily, with the right strategy and some patience, you can improve your relationship with your job. If you’re ready to ace your employee satisfaction survey, check out these six tips to help you be happier in your career.


Consider striking out on your own

If you find yourself secretly rolling your eyes or spinning through resentful thoughts each time your boss opens their mouth, consider that your manager’s leadership style may not align with your needs. While supportive managers are out there, some employees are happier being their own bosses.

Those who have struggled to connect with their executives or don’t perform well when held to rigid schedules should consider going out independently. While owning a business can be stressful, solopreneurship can allow workers to eliminate the difficulties associated with working in teams or under a manager.

Readers considering a solopreneurship or freelancing career should take some time to research tools for solopreneurs, common challenges, and tips for establishing a client base.

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Establish a healthier work-life balance

Even the most passionate professionals can’t escape the toils of burnout without a healthy balance between time spent at work and time spent outside of work. If you notice that you’re feeling irritated or unsatisfied by your career, evaluate whether or not you’re offering yourself time to enjoy what life has to offer outside your cubicle walls. After all, finding fulfillment outside the office can help you achieve satisfaction at work. Invest in ways to better yourself at home by picking up new hobbies, starting new projects, or taking a class to explore your interests.

Make your workspace your own

Whether you work from home, in a cubicle farm, or somewhere in between, your workplace environment will substantially impact your satisfaction. You can combat boredom and in-office dread by making your workspace your own. Add photos of your friends and family, potted plants, posters, or fun desk accessories to brighten your space and professional mood.

Clock out consistently

While clocking out on time is easier said than done, working after hours and not taking breaks are significant components in the recipe for professional resentment. Prioritize ending your workday on time and taking 10-15 minute breaks throughout each day. The improved balance will go a long way to benefit your mood, energy, and stamina.

When possible, try to get home before dark each day and make time to get outside at least once a day to recharge and reduce stress. Even five minutes of fresh air can give you the motivation to power through the rest of your day.

Improve your skills

Expanding your toolbelt is a surefire way to achieve improved fulfillment and happiness in your career. Professional development, online courses, and workshops can help you broaden your abilities and leave you feeling more passionate about your work.

An improved skill set will help make you a more marketable prospective employee and could even help you increase your salary. Take advantage of whatever professional development opportunities you can to give your career a refreshing boost.

Challenge yourself

If you feel bored or dissatisfied with your work, consider challenging yourself to take on new projects or roles. You can realize your potential and create loftier goals, breathing life into your previously mundane set of tasks.

Final thoughts

Since most Americans spend around 40 hours a week at work, improving professional health is critical to fostering a happy, well-rounded life. After considering these tips, you’ll be an employee-satisfaction professional in no time.

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