Bitcoin Smart Contracts: The History of Bitcoin’s Landmark Technology

Contracts are widely used in the industry and the business. Whether you are signing a new deal or an employment contract, these legal documents play a significant role. However, maintaining world’s largest cryptocurrency all the paperwork and keeping a tab on records of years of contract can be a cumbersome task. With the intervention of digitization, we have seen the search switch towards digital contracts. And one of the prominent additions to this list is the development of smart contracts.

Started with Blockchain, which was initially known to be an underlying framework for bitcoin transactions but later, it evolved to be a mainstream technology holding certain specific features, which makes it useful for several users. From food to finance, every industry makes use of Blockchain technology. Smart contracts also operate on Blockchain. These are coded programs.

Bitcoin Smart Contracts

History of Bitcoin Smart Contracts- What You Need To Know

Many of you who would have the first time in counted about smart contracts would have a notion that it is a new origin. However, the fact of the matter is that Nick Szabo 1994 introduced the concept of the smart contract.

The Bitcoin smart contracts are the digital contracts that work similarly as that to the contract that exists in the physical world. However, when we are talking in the context of smart contracts, then it converts the terms and conditions of the agreement into computerized codes, and it operates on Blockchain. Smart contracts are codes that are written on Blockchain.

Characteristics of Bitcoin Smart Contracts

  • The Bitcoin smart contracts are fine automated contracts
  • These are self-reinforcing, where rules are met at every step
  • A temper free, and since we operate on Blockchain, it is next to impossible to alter or change the terms and conditions.

Benefits of Bitcoin Smart Contracts

  • The Bitcoin Smart Contracts are automated, saving time.
  • Guarantees complete security
  • It eliminates the need to depend on third-party
  • The Bitcoin Smart Contracts support multi-signature accounts for fund dissemination.

Application of Bitcoin Smart Contracts

When it comes to the application part of smart contracts that it is not just limited to financial transactions; rather, every industry can reap the benefits of these contracts. Any company that is dealing with any kind of contract or agreement can make use of smart contracts to make their system and business operation more functional and productive. It also reduces the probability of error or any miss-match. Thereby ensuring a seamless function of the business.

Top Features of Bitcoin Smart Contracts

  • Security– but we are dealing with The Times world, and security aspects are the prime concern. Since smart contracts operate on Blockchain, it makes the system secure and free from breaching attempts.
  • Non-dependency on the third-party– significant feature of smart contracts is that it nullifies the need to depend on third-party for validation and approval. Since Blockchain is a decentralized platform that doesn’t require the parents of the third party, similar features are passed on to smart contracts which operate on this.
  • Accuracy- a mismatch or discrepancy in smart contracts can lead to legal hassles and penalties. We have seen such incidences many times. But when we talk about smart contracts, then these have said terms and conditions, which are encoded and entered in the ledger, and it is time-stamped. This ensures that when the contract is executed, or the payment is initiated, then there is no discrepancy, or people are not able to raise the issue about the change or alteration in the terms and conditions.


These are the key details and features of smart contracts. Over the year, technology has impacted our lives differently and has changed them forever. The decentralized exchange, which was initiated with the introduction of Blockchain and bitcoin 10 years back, is becoming more evident today.

In the times to come, this technology is going to grow, and we will be finding multiple use cases of smart contracts and cryptocurrencies. There are around 16,000 companies across the globe that are now accepting bitcoin payments. It initiated a new wave of change. So, if you do again to be a part of this growing ecosystem, you can register yourself on a and start trading. To start your trading journey, you need to add some information like email ID and name. Once the verification is done you can start trading.

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