Packaging as Marketing: is Your SME Doing it Right?

If you are not using your packaging to improve your customer’s user experience and increase the reach of your firm – then why bother?

Packaging is what businesses use to keep goods protected during transit. When you look at your business’s packaging options closely, however, you start to realise that each item sent out is an opportunity to increase your natural reach. From using your packages to send out business cards to making a corporate statement on your commitment to recycling – packaging can make or break your consumer experience. How do you fix it? You employ marketing techniques to your packaging in the same way that you employ it on your products, website, and in your store.

Packaging as Marketing

Packaging Counts in All Businesses

Whether you are selling feathers and beads or international pension plans, the way you package your goods and services is a key tool for making your advertising budget go farther. No matter what the project is, developing a new way to deliver it improves the user experience. The best examples of how packaging counts lies in luxury products. Luxury products are not always different from mid-range products. For example, a luxury stay in a five start hotel is almost as good in terms of facility and amenity as a four start hotel. What’s the key difference? How it is wrapped. When you sell a luxury product, you sell the experience. You sell the attention to detail of that service. The best example we have of this lies with the Apple phones.

iPhone inventors spent countless hours and resources developing a way to make the packaging for the phone open slowly. Why? Because it increases the anticipation of the product.

How to Use Packaging as Marketing?

First of all you have to start with the right team. If your company sells heating and HVAC systems, then seek the advice of an hvac digital marketing company. If you sell cars, then find a vehicle digital marketing agency, and so on. Matching your corporate needs to a specialist will earn you the best results.

Here are other tips for using that packaging to spread your brand’s reputation.

Include Your Logo

Whether you are a home run Etsy shop or a market leader in retail, putting your branding on the box increases brand exposure to that item.

Include your Business Cards

One or two cards in the packaging will help word spread. If you can sneak them in there, it promotes your brand without you doing anything extra.

Choose Plain

Invest in a stamp of your logo that you might use with an ink pad. This stamp placed on any plain paper packing gives it an instant upgrade. To make the most of this, stamp packaging, include a thank you stamp on the inside, and keep packaging plain/recyclable. This meets two needs: it keeps your packaging smart and sophisticated while also helping you check those sustainability markers.

Try Stickers

Everyone loves a good sticker, advertising your range of HVAC products on the box for new parts and replacements lets you pick up more revenue. Stickers placed anywhere in public mean you have increased reach that you don’t even know about yet.

Taking Packaging to the Next Level

What sets your packaging apart from the competition? Has it been carefully crafted to increase the anticipation, or does it include your brand logo for farther reach? Either way; that’s a win.

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