6 Signs You’ve Found True Love In Online Dating Websites

Settling into a relationship can be difficult for many of us. It’s hard to fully commit to someone when you’ve never experienced a relationship, and more so if you have. But as the age of technology rises in this day and age, it seems true love can grow in the most unexpected places, even between your thumbs as you send that risky message to a guy you met online. But you have to ask yourself, is that just fleeting butterflies or something long-lasting, like love?

According to research, women value a relationship more if it was founded beyond having sex. Hookups and one-night stands tend to evoke regret from women more than men (read more). Simultaneously, those who happily settle in a relationship report heightened pleasure during coupling and a surge of serotonin while basking in the afterglow. Hooking-up rarely allows men to stay for a quick chat after intercourse, which has a very negative impact on a woman’s self-esteem.

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What Is Online Dating?

Online dating is a phenomenon that happened when the internet peaked during the early 2000s. It often occurred between two parties who met in a messaging app or a website where people who sign up usually find a partner—an online dating website or app. The initial meeting between these two parties includes chatting or having a video call and moves forward into the “meeting” phase, where they agree on a time and place to meet up in person.

However, it is rare to see something grow beyond dating when you’re using a dating app. Dating that moves forward into relationships often takes more time, energy, and effort to build than an association founded in a personal meeting (in school, at work, etc.). Despite that, we don’t discourage you from continuing talking to the person you’re interacting with online or going on a dating app or website.

We’re encouraging you to find more avenues to meet new people, and that one avenue is online too. But if you’re new to the dating scene, it’s better if you check out some Dating Site Guides to help you start. Some apps and sites can be shady, so it’s up to you to decipher which to trust with your personal information regarding their rules, community feedback, etc. For example, a site or app that doesn’t have a block feature for perverts is an instant no-go.

So before you allow that kiss on the second date or invite them over for a cup of coffee, read these signs and check if they fit in 4 or more signs. Here are the 6 signs of True Love you might have found in your online dating journey.

1. You Feel Nostalgic When You’re With Them

Whether it be chatting, skyping, or your IRL meeting with them, you can’t shake off this familiar feeling whenever you interact with them. Like a connection between kindred spirits, talking for hours, agreeing on most things, and aligning your morals and beliefs. At first, you might doubt it’s too good to be accurate, but you won’t be able to resist interaction with them in any way, shape, or form.

This might be mistaken as the giddy phase of the almost-relationship or the honeymoon phase, but you’ll soon learn most of the butterflies are absent, and a calm, inner peace settles over you whenever you’re with them. This feeling can most certainly be tied to love.

2. They’re Interested In Your Interests

Sometimes, it can be hard to hold back when you share your interests and not spill every little detail of why you like that particular hobby or TV show. However, someone who has liked you beyond the norm will be more than happy to be the audience of your rambles, if only to see you shine. What’s more, they show genuine interest in what you cherish and what you love to do.

A person that has developed a fondness for you will go out of their way to listen to you ramble about 80s rock music or anime for hours. But someone that has fallen in love with you will dip their toes in these interests to see what it’s like in your world. Though it might not take them as deep as you, or settle in your part forever, just knowing they care enough about your interest is already a big green flag to consider in a potential, lifelong mate.

3. They Ask You To Elaborate

A simple yes or no from you can already be a satisfactory answer for your date, but does this one ask more questions? Do they have open-ended follow-ups and often encourage you to elaborate on certain things? This can be a sure sign of interest beyond just superficial dating or a hookup.

By nature, men tend to be more covert than their female counterparts, which is up to females, who are usually chatty, to drive the conversation forward. So, seeing a man so interested that he asks more questions rather than end the dialogue is very unusual. A site found here: https://www.askmen.com/dating/dating_advice_150/185_dating_tips.html has even listed a guide for men on how to ask open-ended questions. So if your date encourages you to speak more, it might be a sign of love.

4. You Both Agree On Relationship Rules

Technically dating isn’t the same as being in a relationship, but talk of one can’t be avoided forever. Usually, on the first date, questions about your previous relationship or what an ideal relationship looks like start to get asked, and you’ll be more than happy to discover that someone indeed in love with you will align with your wants and needs in a relationship. And it isn’t even on purpose, as you might think.

Most of the time, we attract the same energy we exude. This also applies to finding a romantic, long-lasting partner. If you’re very focused on keeping loyalty and honesty in a relationship, chances are the right date for you will think and believe the same. Therefore, the tension between the two of you is few and far between.

5. They Have A Real Life Outside Of The App

Contrary to what you might think, chatting the whole day might show you why this date won’t go well for you. Someone who overlooks the responsibility to indulge in speaking to you 24/7 will surely lead you to some traps early on in the relationship. Though it is tempting to want them online all the time and talk to you, someone responsible who hasn’t forgotten their obligations despite you two dating is another green flag for you.

Someone who chose to talk to you instead of working or doing their homework can imply many things. You should take note of your welfare once both of you are in a committed relationship. Just like their responsibilities when they talked to you, you’ll most likely be overlooked for a show on TV or video games. It’s still a sure sign of love when they know they need to put their future first before pursuing you thoroughly.

6. They Push You To Be Better

It can be tempting to allow our loved ones the luxury of doing their hobbies more or splurging on whatever makes them happy, but one real sign of love is your ability to nudge your partner in the right direction gently. Yes, being harsh on them and forcing them to quit their vices and unhealthy habits can be toxic, albeit with good intentions.

What does this say about your date? They can show this attitude by sharing their experiences with anger to curb your temper or sharing a book they love about spending less when you’re struggling to keep your savings intact. They seem subtle because it’s still in the dating stage, but this can be a sure sign of genuine love on their part. As the famous saying goes: the little things matter most.


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