Tips & Advice for Commuting by Bike in NYC

Commuting to work on a bicycle in New York City offers a lot of advantages. Apart from the environmental benefits of biking to work, you are also getting more exercise and seeing the city from a completely different perspective. Nevertheless, automobile traffic in NYC is still intense, and that puts you at risk as a cyclist. Here are some tips for commuting by bicycle in the Big Apple safely and successfully.

Bike in NYC

Choose the Right Bike and Gear

You don’t necessarily need a specific kind of bike to commute in New York City. Any variety will work. Therefore, you should choose a bicycle that fits your body and that you are most comfortable riding. If, after reading an electric tricycle review, you decide that it would best serve your purposes, go ahead and purchase it. If you prefer a mountain bike, go for that instead.

Even the best and most comfortable bicycle doesn’t offer much in the way of protection if you get into a collision with a motor vehicle. Therefore, you should wear a helmet and ideally some reflective clothing and get the required gear for your bicycle, including a bell and lights.

Take Care of Your Bike

Whatever kind of bicycle you eventually choose, you should keep it in good working condition. This helps you to avoid mechanical failures when you are out on the road. A breakdown while you are riding takes time to fix, and you could be late for work as a result.

While maintaining a bike makes a breakdown less likely, it does not remove the possibility altogether. You should be prepared to deal with issues such as flat tires by carrying a patch kit with you.  If you are looking for affordable bikes that will come under your budget I will suggest you to go for mongoose bikes. These bikes are very comfortable.

Learn the Various Bike Lanes

As a bicyclist in New York, you have the right to ride almost anywhere that cars are allowed to drive, with the exception of tunnels. However, the city has reserved special lanes just for bicycles where cars are not supposed to go. These bike lanes can make your commute a lot less dangerous and stressful than it could be otherwise, and you should take advantage of them.

You should know that not all New York bike lanes are the same. Some are merely marked for bicycle use, but there is nothing to prevent a car from straying into it. These are known as “sharrows,” and they are the least safe bike lanes. Whenever possible, stick to the bike lanes that have a structural barrier to separate bike traffic from car traffic. Because of the physical protection they provide, these are the safest bike lanes.

Protect Your Bike

Hybrid bikes can represent a significant investment. Protect it by purchasing a heavy-duty lock for your bicycle and finding a secure place to lock it to prevent theft. A U-shaped lock is recommended, and you can make your bike even more secure by removing the front tire, one of the easiest parts to steal, putting it next to the rear tire, and then threading the lock through the spokes of both when locking the bike to a sturdy object. If you’d like to purchase a high-quality and heavy-duty lock for your bike, you can check out the bike locks from Thule.

The first step is to obtain a bicycle if you do not have one already. Once you’ve decided on the type and style that you like, you can purchase one conveniently and affordably from an online retailer.

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