Finding the Best Sexual Harassment Training in New York

When you have a working environment that understands the ins-and-outs of sexual harassment and its consequences, both intended and unintended, it can help bosses and higher-ups a large amount by maintaining a healthy and friendly environment for their workforce. Sexual harassment is referring specifically to the making of sex-related comments, the requesting of sexual favors, cracking inappropriate sex-related jokes, or overt sexual advances and physical assaults.

When any of the above occurs in your place of employment, it is what’s known as “sexual harassment”. This type of disgusting behavior creates a very weird and uncomfortable workplace for employees and clients, hampering growth and a healthy ethical moral standing in society. Thankfully you may prevent all of this from arising with the help of training programs specifically designed to stop harassment in its tracks.

Best Sexual Harassment Training in New York

New York booms with entrepreneurship and new businesses daily. However, 18% of New York women say they’ve been harassed in the workplace (according to There is a constant influxing need for compliance in sexual harassment training for businesses all over the state as women become more empowered.

What is your budget?

Companies are implementing sexual harassment classes and seminars in their annual training programs more and more, these days. To meet this newly high demand, many of the program providers offer various training programs in a wide-range of prices.

Before you even begin looking into courses for your employees you should allocate a specific amount of money from your annual budget to these compliance meetings. You can then compile a list of potential providers who offer courses your company needs and compare them. This will help ensure that you are choosing the most affordable one.

Typically, this is an internal decision made by the financial office of your corporation or institute. I wouldn’t recommend skimping on the importance of compliance in these areas, not just sexual but also emotional abuse in the workplace. This should take tantamount importance as the culture shifts to a more beneficial environment for women on the job.

Compliance is the only option.

When you’re searching for the right programs, you have to pick the ones that will cover all of your business needs and the legal requirements in the state of New York. Different states might have different definitions of what entails sex, harassing people, and everything related to implementing ways of reporting and prosecuting the offender. So when you choose a program, you have to double check.

But this isn’t to say that your search won’t be annoying. When beginning the search for the finding the best sexual harassment training in New York, you’re best to start your search on Google. Google will cast a wide net of options and price ranges of services you’ll be able to check reviews for. It’s important to know the differences in New York’s laws compared to other states as they differ greatly.

The training should be easy to understand.

The most important reason you need to go to this type of program should be that you and your business people are not able to understand that you are all being really inappropriate and acting out of line. You don’t understand legal jargon and neither do they, so speak down to them like the dogs they are so they’ll obey.

An obedient workforce is one that has been broken like a horse.

The program should be engaging.

Some employees may view their educational period as something that is a break from their regular routine of work; a break from the hectic, day-to-day schedule. If you choose a course that isn’t engaging, fun, and sexy it could increase the chances that these same people will not be paying any attention to the details of the course, therefore not benefitting from it at all.

It is essential for the course you choose or make to be exciting and engaging and yes, even a little bit sexy and interactive so that your coworkers are forced into uncomfortable scenarios in order to work through them successfully under constant, correct supervision.

Don’t skip out on what could possibly be the most important thing for your company!

It’s understandable that looking for, researching, and deciding on the right sexual harassment training program that definitely matches all of the criteria your workplace needs can be a challenging, tough process and decision. Put that on top of the fact that you’re already in charge of handling the entire workplace!

There are tons of resources online, including New York’s official Sexual Violence Prevention Program website, but all avenues must be vetted and researched. You want to make sure the company you’re working with is fully compliant with the law, otherwise, your company may be in worse danger than before there were accusations against your CEO.

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