Avoid These Home Design Mistakes When Selling Your Home

You want to sell your house fast at a reasonable and profitable price? Watch out for these home design mistakes. It is common for people to rush to make repairs and remodels in the house for the buyer to find it in the best condition and purchase it immediately. Unfortunately, you end up making mistakes unknowingly and think that you have done the best you could to sell a house fast, only to realize that you pushed potential buyers away. So, what are some of these home design mistakes that you should look out for?

Avoid These Home Design Mistakes When Selling Your Home

Colour choices

There is no assurance that your best colour will be desirable for your home buyer. Avoid repainting the bold home colours, as a way of pleasing potential buyers. Try as much as you can to paint general bright colours that are common and general in most homes. Your home buyer will repaint them if they would like some colour personality in their newly acquired home.


Old appliances, believe it or not, will most likely push potential buyers away. Old refrigerators may not look attractive to buyers. You should remove out-dated appliances and give room for buyers to purchase their own. On the contrary, this does not mean that you go for costly devices out of your budget. If the appliances are old, remove them; if they are presentable and still in great shape, leave them.

Indoor and outdoor design preferences

Do not remodel your home based on the designs that you like. Your home arrangement should be as general as possible, put your details and likings aside. The reason is that it may make it difficult for your estate agent to find a buyer as some people have different privacy preferences, indoor and outdoor arrangement likings, among many other things in a home. It is also advisable to have pictures of the house when it’s vacant, to enable buyers to visualize how furniture and rooms will fit.

Kitchen remodelling

Please do not rob a bank so that you buy new kitchen stuff. Do not seek to impress buyers with costly household items like newly installed kitchen cabinets. This will push them away because they may make conclusions on how expensive the house is. They will also have a perception that it will be difficult and costly to maintain such a home. Just be simple. Improve your kitchen lighting, have simple countertops for the kitchen and change the fixtures for your cabinets. You do not have to be complicated and sophisticated to sell house fast.

Bathroom remodelling

The bathroom is another sensitive area to take care of when you are considering selling your home. Be careful not to go overboard with expensive and classy purchases. Be as modest as you can with the remodelling of your bathroom space. Make sure that the bathroom tiles do not look like they have been made for a luxurious suite.


When remodelling your home for reselling, consider having enough storage spaces. Closets are essential, and most buyers look for sizeable cabinets that can accommodate whatever they need to store in there. Keep in mind that the garage is a storage space for many families; therefore, most buyers will look at it.

Return on Investment

If you are thinking of remodelling your home for reselling purposes, educate yourself on Return On Investment. ROI is the calculation done to know if the money spent on house designing will return when the house is purchased. Do not have a high input on the home redesigning only to experience a considerable loss or have a longer time to find buyers because of expensively furnished rooms. Be reasonable and general with your redesigning because it enables you to save and at the same time give you competitive advantage over your competitors.


Being unaware of these mistakes can cost you, and for this reason, it’s essential you have knowledge of these mistakes and how to avoid them. Know the best redesigning ideas so that you get the value of your home. If you are looking for a reliable buyer without the hustle of an estate agent, you can visit We Buy Any Home and get a free cash offer. We are the leading property buying company in the UK. Additionally, you do not have to pay stamp duty, legal fees, or estate agent fees when you choose to work with us. We put the best prices on your home so that the effort you put into redesigning gets rewarded.

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