The Best Bathroom Remodeling Advice

From morning showers to nighttime skincare routines to answering the call of nature at any time of the day, bathrooms are important spaces for the optimal functioning of a home. American homeowners remodel over 14.2 million bathrooms annually, which is roughly 1 in all 10 households. According to the Statista, the most common reason behind bathroom remodeling for homeowners in 2022 was their outdated styles and fixtures.

Unfortunately, bathroom remodeling costs in Louisville, KY, are higher than the American average, at roughly $7,145 to $44,000 per large-sized bathroom. Hefty labor, raw materials, insurance, and permit costs in the city are the reason behind this increase in price.

However, the benefits that residents of Louisville can gain from remodeling their bathrooms, ranging from a rise in property value to greater energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal, make the transformation worthwhile.

Best Bathroom Remodeling Advice


If you’re looking to carry out a successful bathroom transformation, here’s the best advice to keep in mind:

Choose the right fittings

Shower upgrades during bathroom remodeling have reached a whopping 84% across America. If you’re carrying out a bathroom renovation to sell your place after, a bathtub can raise your Louisville home’s market value, especially amongst families with children or pets. In fact, the prevailing advice from real estate agents across America is to have at least one bathtub in your home, which can help you recoup around 60% of your installation investment.

Instead of taking on the hassle of installing a heavy bathtub, consult a top Louisville bathroom remodeling company to get the job done for you. If you wish to prioritize practicality and save on water bills, you should go the shower route. You can even combine the two fittings to have a shower-tub combo for quick showers on busy days and peaceful baths when you wish to unwind.

Aside from tubs and showers, other essential bathroom fittings include commodes, vanities, and glass doors. You can select these fittings in accordance with the style of bathroom you’re going for and hire professionals for their installation as well.

Have a proper floor plan

In 2022, 45 percent of all U.S. homeowners decided to change the layout of their master bathroom as part of the renovations. Taking the size of your bathroom space and plumbing lines and fixtures into account when creating a plan is crucial as this helps decipher what should go where.

Once you have a basic layout in mind, consult an interior designer for a 3D model of your floor plan and inquire about utilizing the bathroom space to the best of its abilities. With a solid floor plan, you can shift your focus toward visuals and aesthetics.

Set a budget

Due to the higher-than-average bathroom remodeling costs in Louisville, you’ll be looking at a hefty remodeling bill regardless of the size of your bathroom. To avoid incurring a big expense that can put you in debt, plan a budget that includes relevant costs like fittings, materials, fixtures, and labor.

Taking the DIY route and opting for simplicity can even diminish certain costs. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, the total cost of a bathroom remodel can be limited by painting it yourself and going for basic tile designs. In this way, cutting unnecessary expenditures and having a defined budget can save you from overspending.

Select suitable materials

The goal of your bathroom remodeling project should be longevity and durability, which cheap materials can undermine. Purchasing high-quality building materials is an investment that will bring great returns in the long run.

Common bathroom renovation materials include tiles, countertops, and cabinets. Opting for water-proof, tarnish-proof, robust, and maintenance-friendly construction materials will ensure that the long-term hassle of frequent repairs can be mitigated while giving the bathroom a luxurious look and feel.

Prioritize illumination

Since your bathroom is where you examine each inch of your body and face to look your best every day, its lighting must be up to the mark. Insufficient illumination can turn getting ready into a tedious process.

For optimal brightness, install a mixture of ambient and accent lights in your bathroom. If your bathroom receives direct sunlight, you can also add windows or a skylight to its ceiling, allowing sunbeams to bring natural radiance and reduce electricity bills.

Ventilation is key

Without a proper ventilation system, damp bathrooms can become prone to seepage, mold formation, and mildew. Soon enough, the space shall be reeking of odor and exposing you and your family to serious health hazards. Therefore, an efficient ventilation system is necessary for a safe and practical bathroom.

Relying on windows alone for aeration is not enough. Instead, install exhaust fans and external vents to create a smooth airflow passage in and out of the bathroom.

Accessorize the space

Just like any other room of the house, a bathroom can be accessorized and adorned as well. Bathroom accessories range from luxurious additions like heated towel rails, drawer chargers, and wall-mounted cabinets to everyday items like plants, showpieces, and decorative chairs. These additions elevate the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom to a whole new level.

Ample storage is also a necessity when it comes to having a functional bathroom. Thankfully, space can easily be created in a bathroom by adding shelves, cupboards, and racks. Shelves can be used to arrange products conveniently, extra towels and toiletries can be stocked in cupboards, and racks can hold clothes and towels for immediate use.

Add more mirrors

Having multiple mirrors in a bathroom is a brilliant way of enhancing lighting and adding artistic appeal in addition to their primary purpose of allowing you to assess your looks. Adding a second or third mirror aside from the main mirror mounted above the sink can tie your bathroom together seamlessly while expanding mirror usage across the area.


A successful bathroom transformation requires paying attention to certain factors ranging from its layout and building materials to the accessories and fixtures installed within it. The advice mentioned above can further assist you in reaching the best outcome when embarking on your first or next bathroom remodeling journey!

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