Zachary Levi Age, Height, Instagram, Movies, Wiki and Lesser known facts

Zachary Levi whose full name is Zachary Levi Pugh and currently he is a popular face. He has earned such name and respect among people that today he does not need to get recognized. He is famous for Chuck Bartowski in the television series Chuck. There are many roles he played and today those roles have earned a good amount of name and fame. He has even acted in the Alvin and the chipmunks: The Squeakquel and tangled. Levi was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana. He was born on September 29, 1980, in the United States. He is into many roles like video game artist, voice artist, television actor, film actor, musician, theatre actor, and television director, and today in Hollywood he has made his name. He is active and working continuously on good projects.

Zachary Levi age

Zachary Levi age, height, Instagram, Movies, Wiki and Lesser known facts

Real Name
Zachary Levi Pugh
Date of BirthSeptember 29, 1980 ( Lake Charles, Louisiana, U.S. )
ProfessionActor, Singer
Zachary Levi age40 Years as of Jan 2021
Zachary Levi height190 cm
Relationship Status Wife/girlfriendMissy Peregrym ( 2014-2015) Divorced
Famous for Thor Movie
Net Worth$12 M estimated
NationalityUnited States
Social MediaInstagram – zacharylevi

Twitter – zacharylevi

Beginning of his career

He began his career by playing Chuck Bartowski then he began grabbing good roles via the television film Big shot. Then he made his debut with the film ‘Confessions of a Campus Bookie in the year 2006. He then appeared in many films like Wieners, Shades of Ray, and Alvin and the Chipmunks. Then his career started touching heights when he played a role in the famous marvel movies Thor: The Drak world in the year 2013. Besides this acting field, he has also become the voice for many and done the voiceover for good projects. He has even did debut in the film ‘tangled’. With time he went for variety and did acting, voice over, became game artist, and what so not. Then he even launched his new company and named that ‘The Nerd Machine’.

About his family and childhood

He was born to Darrell Pugh and Susan Pugh and he has even two siblings named Shekinah Pugh and Sarah Pugh. He was even married to Canadian actress Missy Peregrym and they were together from 2013 to 2015. About his childhood he said, it is a memory full of joy and beautiful Sundays. I had spent all my childhood with my parents so it just helped them a lot to understand how a person should be responsible for their own life and career. As a child, they engaged me in good things, and i.e I was always looking for growth in my life and it really helped me with the good things.  As a child, I learnt lots when I attended school and I learnt about so many things.

Some unknown facts about Zachary Levi

Well, there are many things which are still not known by his fans but all of his fans want to know about him. So those who really want to know about him then Zachary has even given voice to many of the video games like ‘Halo: Reach’ in the year 2010. He has given his names to the ‘Fallout and New Vegas’ in 2010 and Tom Raider in 2013. He has even received the suggestion of keeping his middle name as the last name and i.e he has changed his middle name as the last. Then he even named it ‘Coattails Entertainment’. He is even a good poker player and this is one of the rare things known by anyone.  The other fact which is not known by all is that I really like traveling. Whenever I find out the time I make sure I visit as many places as possible. The world is full of beautiful places and we need to see more beauty and recognize its importance.

What message Zachary Levi wants to give to the younger generations

This younger generation needs a light to follow because they are walking on the illusion path. So this becomes necessary that people follow the right thing. There are many careers available for everyone it is just that people needs to understand and recognise which one will be the right one for the one. When they are able to understand what is right for them then they find their light automatically. So to this younger generation needs to hear this that the time they are spending with, they need to look around and then within themselves. It becomes so necessary that people need to check upon themselves.

What is the one thing which holds people from achieving their success?

There is nothing like success but there is everything like becoming better than yesterday. In this entertainment industry, people need to understand that every actor has to strive towards becoming better. For an artist there is every day is a new day, but everyone has a new day, the things that differentiate everyone from everyone is how they make use of every day in a new way. Life is full of challenges when anyone comes to Hollywood it is obviously not easy to survive here. But those who are determined survive from it, they are the ones who make things better for themselves.

How to improve self?

Well, there is a constant strive to make yourself better and stronger for that you do not need to make daily changes in yourself. But you need to make changes little ones, which little change is going to bring big changes in your life. So not just actors anyone who is looking for ways to make themselves better and best and reach their goals then they can do it.


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