What To Do When Your AC Unit Blows Warm Air

Whether it’s the summer season or the weather is just unbearably hot, you need your air conditioning (AC) unit to keep you and your loved ones cool and your house more comfortable to be in. And so, it can be frustrating if your AC suddenly malfunctions and doesn’t serve its function and instead blows warm air.

Suppose you’re experiencing this issue with your home’s AC system, but you’re unsure why and what you can do to improve the situation. In this article, we’ll outline some steps and solutions on what to do when your AC unit blows warm air. Read on to find out more.

When Your AC Unit Blows Warm Air

1. Call An AC Expert

Calling an expert to inspect your AC system is perhaps one of the simple yet efficient things you can do in such instances. Aside from knowing your AC unit will be handled professionally, doing so can also ensure that immediate action will be carried out, which could help prevent or minimize further damage to your AC that can otherwise prompt you to replace them.

For one, a good technician knows how different AC systems work. They also have the right tools, skills, and enough experience to diagnose and fix possible issues with your AC unit. From there, they can recommend or administer the necessary repairs to restore your AC unit. Moreover, you can also take this opportunity to ask them for tips that can help you maintain your AC unit properly and prevent problems in the future.

If your AC unit is still under warranty, you can contact the manufacturer to seek assistance. On the other hand, you can also look for other technicians within your locality. For instance, if you’re living in Virginia, you can check for AC service Strasburg or any providers near you.

2. Check If The Refrigerant Is Leaking

When your AC starts producing warm air, one of the first things you can check is the refrigerant. It is a substance that absorbs humidity and heat and converts it to cool air after passing through your AC’s compressor and evaporator. If you find any signs of leaking, your AC may not work optimally or as expected.

To identify if your refrigerant is leaking, you can start by checking if there’s ice buildup on the evaporator coils in the outdoor AC unit. Another sign that could indicate a leak is if you can hear hissing or bubbling noises from your air conditioning unit.

If you discover any of the above concerns, it may be best to call an AC technician immediately. Also, note that touching or inhaling this fluid could lead to refrigerant poisoning.

3. Identify If The Air Filters Are Clogged

Another reason why your AC unit may not be working efficiently and blowing warm air instead of cool air is a clogged air filter. Filters generally help trap dust, dirt, pollen, and other contaminants that pass through the AC unit, which enables your unit to provide high-quality and clean air for you and your loved ones.

However, if these unwanted elements block your AC’s air filters, there won’t be sufficient airflow. And as a result, the unit’s coils can’t eliminate heat, and the fan might blow hot air back into your house. Clogged air filters will also cause your system to work harder.

In addition, the AC strain could also cause your system to develop other issues or eventual breakdown. Besides that, your system will also consume more electricity, which can hamper your efforts to reduce power bills in your home.

With that in mind, consider checking your AC unit’s air filters from time to time. Ensure you wash or change your air filters regularly to avoid frequent blockages. This way, your system could work efficiently at all times and even serve you for longer.

Wrapping Up

An AC producing warm air can cause your home to feel hotter and make you and other household members uncomfortable. If you’re experiencing this issue, as advised, you can start by checking if the unit’s refrigerant is leaking or the air filters are clogged. For the former, call an AC expert immediately to fix your system. For the latter, changing or cleaning your air filters can help.

But to ensure that your AC unit will be serviced properly, calling a technician can be an ideal move. A reputable technician can professionally assess and inspect your AC unit’s condition and recommend the necessary steps to address the issue. Furthermore, you can always go the extra mile and have your AC unit checked and serviced regularly to ensure its maintenance and prolong its lifespan.

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