What Will Influence An Edible High In A Person

Edibles will affect an individual differently. To put things simply, it is mainly based on differences in metabolism and genetics.

You can compare this with how some people are lactose intolerant and some are not. When I drink milk, my body just can’t take it and I would usually diarrhea the next day.

In the same way, some people are just not as tolerant to edibles as other people are.

When you consume edibles, it can be risky as you won’t know exactly how much THC you have eaten.

Your body won’t suddenly tell you that you have reached a certain THC amount and that you should stop. You will only feel the edibles effects after a few hours!

This is why it is so important to read the packaging of products when you buy weed online in Canada (or anywhere else you may be living at). In this way, you can use edibles responsibly!

Edible High

Edible Types

Edibles can be made in a number of ways. There are also many different forms of edibles such as brownies, cookies, and more.

Basically, an edible is any food that contains cannabis oil in them.

The type of edible to choose from depends on your preference. As for me, I really like eating brownies. Being able to mix cannabis and brownies together is like a dream come true to me. Talking to someone at a dispensary who knows what they are talking about can be very helpful. To find a dispensary just search for “weed dispensary in Illinois” or whatever state you may be located in.

Level of THC

THC levels in edibles is highly important. You really need to know how much THC is in each product before consuming them.

When edibles have high THC, the effects will last much longer than if it has low THC. This can play into what kind of setting you want to  use the edibles.

Are you friends in a social gathering? Then maybe a higher THC dosage is ideal for a good time.

Need to go out after a few hours? Maybe a lower THC dosage would suit your needs better.

If you don’t want to feel any THC effects at all, you can eat CBD-only edibles. It is a great option for those who want cannabis without its psychoactive effects.

If you are looking to buy edibles online, just know that the average THC in these products can range from anywhere between purely 99% CBD or as little as 5 mg THC.

Packaged Edible Products

With edibles that have packaging, it makes it simple for you to check the THC or CBD levels, allowing you to judge how long the edible high will last.

Branded edibles are safer than edibles you make by yourself. The reason is simple.

It is more regulated and will not be based on an estimation of how much THC is included in an edible.



Everyone likes a good drink. It is especially great that you can include cannabis into your favorite beverage!

It is a nice way to connect with friends and family, where you can consume some cannabis in a social friendly manner without seeming like you are a stoner.

Popular drinks to include cannabis are coffee and sodas, where the amount you put in will affect the length of time you stay high for.

Tolerating Edibles

Edible tolerance is a hard one to judge.

Think about it. A novice cannabis user cannot be compared to an experienced one. You wouldn’t compare a new cook versus a chef that has done gourmet meals for the best restaurants, would you?

These are just two people at different skills and level.

What you can do is talk to someone who has used a lot of cannabis before and ask about their experience.

In this way, you can judge how long the high of an edible brownie, for example, will last in your body.

It can be a few hours to many hours depending on how your body reacts to the THC.

Good tip: If you take too many edibles, simply take some CBD products to reduce the THC high in your body.

Digesting the Cannabis

As mentioned in the beginning of the article, your digesting capabilities will also play a role in how the edible will affect you.

No two people are the same. Thus, you can’t compare the edible high with your friend (even if you both consumed the same amount of edibles).

Edibles are not the same as smoking or vaping cannabis, where these types of uses allow for more instant effects.

All in all, choose the right method of cannabis consumption that is right for you. Remember to use it responsibly and you will have a great time!

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