How to Replace Vent Tabs on Your Car’s Air Vents?

There’s nothing worse than losing cool air because you have air vents in your vehicle that don’t work. When they are broken, you can’t adjust the vent well, if even at all, without causing more damage to the air vent itself. This often causes your vent to be guided in the wrong direction, resulting in either wasted air for heating and cooling inside your car. And when you waste that good air, you not only can get hotter or colder, but it’s just like running an air conditioner or home heater with the doors open. So, what do you do? Well, that’s simple. You replace the vent tabs on your car’s air vents. In this article, we’ll explain how to replace vent tabs on your car’s air vents as well as why it’s more important to do it yourself some.

How to Replace Vent Tabs on Car Air Vents

Why VentTabs is More Efficient

Since you have broken vent tabs, you may, in fact, be thinking, if I just take it to the shop it’ll be more convenient and still cheap, but you wouldn’t be more wrong. It normally can cost up to $200-$400 just to replace the vent clips in your car, and more importantly, if you take it to a dealership or auto body shop, they’ll need to replace your dash panel or even just all of your vents since it’s hard to find packages of one vent. Not only that, but it could take hours or days. Why spend all that money when for about a tenth of the cost, you can fix it yourself in less than a minute?

So, I bought My VentTab. How do I replace my old one?

All you may want to have is a flat head screwdriver and a pair of pliers if you desire (pliers aren’t needed though). Here are the proper written instructions on how to install your universal vent tabs. We’ll cover both regular and universal vent tabs.

For Select Model Versions

  1. Get rid of broken pieces.
  2. Find the vertical louvers behind the horizontal ones.
  3. Line up the vertical center post and push the Vent Tab onto the horizontal louvers with the “forks” lining each side of that back-center post.
  4. Once you do this, push the tab firmly in place. You’ll hear a click and your VentTab is installed.

For Universal Model Versions

This method is exactly the same except that there is one piece to first start the process that is different. Universal vent tabs have a set of “forked clips” that can install and click into the handle. The first step of these is to push the two pieces together until you hear and feel them snap in place, then repeat the same steps as you would for the select model versions. You also need to possibly have a small tool to hold the back as you push the front in on the vent louver.


See how easy that is? Most Vent Tabs vent clips run from about five to ten U.S. dollars, and they literally take seconds to install. It is extremely crucial that if you’re ordering a select model, however, you may want to consult and fill out a contact form or give them a call to find out if they can find one that matches your color if you don’t see it in the store. They have numerous positive reviews – some for going out of their way to satisfy a customer even!

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