Top Activities You Must Try on Your Next Visit to Hawaii

Hawaii is a must-see destination. With several islands and countless things to do, it’s also a place you can visit repeatedly and never do the same thing twice (unless you want to). There are so many amazing things to do, all next to the backdrop of jaw-dropping jungles, volcanoes, and crystalline waters. Regardless of whether this is your first trip to Hawaii, your second, or your fifth, you need to try out these top activities during your next vacation to this truly stunning destination.

Visit to Hawaii

Sunrise Surfing

Surfing is an absolute must when it comes to spending time and trying new things in Hawaii. Once you get the hang of things, you’ll want to then make a special trip to the beach during sunrise. Sunrise and sunset are usually the calmest parts of the day, making it easier for beginners to surf. To get to these top spots along Waikiki Beach, of course, you’ll want to book your stay at one of the top Oahu resorts in the area.

If you’re entirely new to surfing, just try to learn the ropes at one of the many surf schools in the area. Waikiki is where the father of modern surfing, Duke Kahanamoku, developed the sport, and today it’s still a wonderful place to learn the ways of the ocean.

Jungle Hiking

Hiking the jungles and dormant volcanoes of Hawaii is a truly incredible experience. It’s also one of the most budget-friendly things that you can do. Thanks to the mountainous peaks, there are so many breathtaking vistas that you can go and see. Since hiking takes a while, especially longer hikes, it’s also a great way to beat the crowds. Yes, some hikes like Diamond Head are very popular, but for the most part, hiking is an excellent way to enjoy a version of Hawaii that feels personal and intimate.

Watch Authentic Hula Shows

You can watch so many Hula shows, but do keep in mind that the ones you’ll likely see put on by resorts are dressed up or “Disney-fied.” If you want to learn and see authentic shows and learn about their history and significance, make a trip to the Polynesian Cultural Center. This center is a great place for all types of travelers to really connect with Hawaiian culture.

Get Up and Close to a Volcano

Hawaii exists because of volcanoes. The tallest volcano, when you take in how tall it is from the sea floor to its peak, is actually taller than Mount Everest. Of course, most of its height is under the ocean’s surface, so it’s still just the second-tallest island mountain in the world.

Hawaii, of course, is more than just that one infamous peak. It’s also home to volcanoes that have been active as early as 2018. You can still see lava lakes today when you go visit. On top of that, there’s also a submarine volcano! Even if you don’t go and see these volcanoes up close and personal, you can still enjoy the stunning black beaches.

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