Everything you should know about upgrading your Desktop in 2022

In this tech-savvy world, your Desktop might become an integral part of your life. But, since it is a machine, it is bound to get outdated and lag from time to time. So, to keep your Desktop in top-notch condition, you need to upgrade it from time to time. Moreover, the best features will only be available to you if you keep on upgrading your desktops. But let’s know a bit about why we should update our desktops:

upgrading your Desktop

Why should we upgrade our desktops?

As your Desktop gets old, it gets tough to install specific applications, open some programs, and the storage space will also start running out. The computer’s speed will become slower, and as more time passes, your Desktop will start falling apart and will be completely unworkable. So, updating it regularly will also save you a lot of money in the long run.

Upgrade Your Desktop in 2022 to Help it Work Fantastically

Upgrading your computer is one of the vital things if you wish to ensure smooth working on the computer. Primarily we always insist on getting yourself the best quality monitors. It’s the most important thing. And for that, you can always use the JW computer monitors as they prove to be the best ones.

Now that you know about that let’s get into the dept of upgrading and taking your PC to the next operational level in 2022.

Upgrade your RAM-

When you are upgrading your Desktop or PC, you need to upgrade your RAM. Upgrading your RAM adds more memory space to your Desktop. This can improve the performance of your Desktop and make your lagging Desktop run faster.

If you play games on your Desktop or use photos and video editors, having more RAM is better. Moreover, you can also run multiple programs at once if you have upgraded RAM. RAM is not even expensive nowadays, so consider your price point and needs, and then choose the proper RAM.


If you want your Desktop to be at its best, you need to upgrade from HDD to SSD. SSD makes your booting time faster and gives a better overall performance than SSD. The difference between SSD and HDD is that HDD or Hard Disk Drive is a spinning disk and SSD or Solid State Drive incorporates the use of flash memory. SSDs are much faster than your normal, old-style hard drive. It will make the performance of your Desktop a hundred times better too. However, you need to keep in mind your budget because SSDs can be a bit expensive.

Upgrading processor

A processor, in simple terms, do the calculations according to which your computer runs. It performs logical, mathematical, and other essential functions that are passed down from an operating system. So, upgrading to a better processor will enhance the Desktop’s performance and cut back on power usage.

However, upgrading a processor is not an easy feat. You need to think about compatibility issues with the motherboard, and you might even have to change your motherboard entirely. Upgrading a processor is important for your Desktop, but it is very expensive and comes with many technicalities.

Graphics card

If you are a gamer, especially a pc gamer, you might know all about the graphics card. The GPU or the graphics processing unit is present in our phones, even our desktops. In simple terms, its primary function is to create images. For gamers especially, an upgraded GPU can be the best thing. You will have better quality graphics, and your gaming experience will be boosted. Moreover, you know that you need to upgrade your graphics card when struggling to strike a proper balance between your frame rate and visual fidelity.

Cooling system

If your pc/Desktop is used every day, for long hours, you might notice that it is getting heated, sometimes abnormally. Your regular Desktop is pre-installed with a more relaxed and is okay for everyday use. It will keep your Desktop cool. But the fans in these coolers are tiny (80mm or< in diameter).

When your Desktop gets overworked, these fans have to work more and spin faster to achieve some cooling. This means more noise and less cooling. So, upgrading your cooler might be a good idea for your Desktop’s well-being. Moreover, most coolers aren’t very expensive.

Final Thoughts

So, we have come to the end of this blog. I hope this blog was informative enough and made you more knowledgeable about your Desktop and how to upgrade it.

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