Tom Platz bodybuilder Height, Age, Instagram, wiki and lesser known facts

Tom Platz is a retired bodybuilder and today he is known for the reason ‘The Man Who Became Famous For His Remarkable Leg Development’. He has created a different name and fame among people and today people remember him as a legend. When we remember him no one can deny his authentication he really had earned a different name and fame.

No match of Tom Platz

He is a true example of working hard and there is no one like him and people can just think about him but to become like him needs lots of hard work. When he had begun his journey it was of course not easy by that time things were not available as easy as today. But he really worked so hard to get this place and he has set an example for others to follow.

Today he is said to be legendary for his workout intensity and what he had done today has become a path for millions and billions of people to follow. It is said that he had this capacity of weighing less than 230 pounds and was good at squatted eight reps with 635 pounds. This is not the end he is also known for his 52 reps with 350 pounds and this set an example for many people. Those who follow him know that he has even squatted for 10 minutes straight for more than 100 reps with 225 pounds. It was the matter in the year 1992 it is said that he has squatted 495 pounds for 23 reps with his thighs.

Tom Platz

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Tom Platz bodybuilder height, age, Instagram, wiki and lesser-known facts

Real Name Tom Platz
Date of Birth 26 June 1955 ( Fort Sill, Oklahoma, United States )
Age65 Years as of December 2020
Height173 cm
Weight98 kg
Relationship StatusCha Nikito-Platz ( M. 2000 )
Net Worth$ 14 M estimated
NationalityUnited States
Social MediaInstagram – tomplatz 

Twitter – tom_platz 

How he had trained himself?

Well, the journey from becoming a bodybuilder to a legend was not easy and it took years of sweat to reach this position. He used to enjoy every little thing from starting and this showed that he loves enjoying his own company. It was an early stage when he was comfortable doing 225 squats for ten minutes straight. So it was his style and this showed how beautifully he carried away his journey. Those who begin seeing their career in these fields must be ready to commit themselves to this. Only those who are ready to commit themselves are the ones who achieve their goals.

The main thing in this bodybuilding is becoming strict and disciplined with your own diet chart. Although, there would be times when you would want to cheat but you will have to convince yourself for doing it in all conditions. Those who remain successful in following their routines are the ones who really pass their exam.

Tom Platz instagram

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How people can remain motivated?

Those who are really wishing to achieve and make their career into this then need to follow it.  Not everyone can stay motivated in this field but if one stays successful. So decide how and where you want to reach and then you can surely reach that place. When I had begun working in this field, I began with stretch thoroughly before beginning, go slowly below parallel, and put everything you have into every set.


I religiously followed a few things and that helped me to get a good body and set an example. Here are the things.

Squats 8- 12 5- 20

Lying Leg Curls 6-10 10- 15

Hack Squats 1 10-15

Leg extensions 5-8 10-15

Standing Calf Raises 3-4 10-15

Seated Calf Raises 3-4 10-15

Hack Machine Calf Raises 3-4 10- 15

Advice for beginners

This training phase so of course not an easy way to follow, people need not forget that things should be started easily and then they should take their training to moderate. When they are ready to pass both the phases they can surely reach the right place after passing the tougher phase. So at first decide about your nutrition according to your gym and then follow that religiously. This is also necessary after making that a person should definitely follow that religiously. So beginners need not decide everything at once, they only will have to make a small routine and goal and they can start with that small goal. It would bring them lots of confidence and help them in achieving their goals.

What motivated him throughout his journey?

In life, there are many things that motivate people but it is the result of both outside and inside ambience and experiences. There are many kids who learn to follow their dreams from an early age but there are even kids who do not learn it at all. So it surely all depends on the environment and the person itself. But those who truly have found their motivation within themselves are the ones who really find it out and achieve.

The field of bodybuilding is really a tough choice, there are times when people decide to leave and move to something else. Only those people who truly are committed to this are the ones who pass this journey. They find their motivation within themselves and they even achieve their goals in the end.


Those who want to see his video clips and read about him can stay with us or they can even follow him on his website. Everything is given about him on his social media and his fans can follow him and watch his videos. Anyone who is willing to get all his pictures and videos and any information about him can stay with us and we are here to help our family. We are here to provide all the information in one place and make things easy for people. There is really many things about him to read and follow, those who really implement them into their lives they are the ones who truly reach somewhere into their lives. Things are of course not easy for anyone but it takes some courage to follow dreams and to sacrifice things. So stay with us we are here with all the help and information.

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