Cool Ideas for a 2023 Themed Wedding

Weddings are usually a fantastic experience for all who attend and the trend in 2023 is for themed wedding parties, which is a great opportunity to add some colour and meaning to the event. The list of wedding themes is indeed long, and with that in mind, here are a few popular wedding themes that couples are choosing in 2023.

Themed Wedding

Media themed wedding –

It might be your favourite TV series, or you are an avid Star Wars fan, whatever film or TV series you are into, this can be the theme of your wedding. Harry Potter is perhaps the most popular of all media themes and you can have a lot of fun with costumes and props. You could even approach wedding singers in Canberra and ask them to join in with your theme.

Bohemian style wedding –

This is a very relaxed and informal setting, with virtually no dress code; many couples prefer a beach venue and who can blame them? Natural materials are the order of the day with the bohemian style and this is one of the most popular themes, due to the informality.

Minimalist wedding –

Another popular choice, a minimalist wedding is one with little frills and that seems to be a growing trend these days. The goal is very much that the couple focus on themselves and their vows, rather than the fixtures and fittings of the wedding party. Perfect for the couple who do not really care what others think of them, you can save a lot of money with a minimalist ceremony and reception party.

Country wedding theme –

This would take place in the summer months here in Australia, where you can enjoy an outdoor event at one of the leading Sydney wedding venues with stunning garden backdrops. As you would expect, summer weddings are very popular, so as soon as you know your date, you should start looking at suitable venues.

Period themed wedding –

It might be Roman, Greek or even the swinging sixties; it is so much fun to recreate a colourful period of history. Of course, you have to inform your guests well in advance, in order that they prepare suitable outfits and accessories. It does take a lot of planning to set up a period themed event and you may need to use some creativity to overcome obstacles.

The above are just a few ideas for themed weddings; you need to sit down with your partner and find a theme that excites both of you.


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