4 Important Guidelines for Finding the Most Suitable Domain for Your Website

Any business, whether it is a startup, small or large one, requires a website with a unique name or domain to attract target customers. Your business’ online identity is built around a domain name. Nevertheless, choosing domains for your websites is not easy, for every five seconds a domain is registered. With the demand for it increasing, you need to make a choice by considering some essential points explained in this article.

A perfect domain name gives important information to the audience who want to visit your website. It can communicate about your business, products, and brand. A study conducted in 2021 shows that there are about two billion websites, and to find your website among these sites would be impossible for your customers if your domain name is not unique. A domain is an easy-to-remember word or phrase that helps to identify your website.

With innumerable domain registrars available, it is easy to find nft domain names, provided you have gone through the guidelines properly.

Finding the Most Suitable Domain

1. The domain you choose should represent your business or show what you do

Your website gives an impression about your business, brand, or product. A famous advertising slogan says, “Do what it says on the tin”. Similarly, your domain name should convey something about your product or brand exactly what it seems to be. For instance, your domain should match the name of your brand or business as your prospective customers guess your website name or address based on the brand or business name.

In case you have a name that is different from your business name, it may confuse people, for they wouldn’t know that the website belongs to you. If possible, you can use strong keywords related to your industry or niche area. This can help improve your rankings on the search engine results.

2. Have a domain with keyword combinations that are memorable and pronounceable

Search engines help you find a particular website address. Nevertheless, you may communicate the address to people through writing or word of mouth. If it is difficult to remember or pronounce, they may never try to visit your website. When you put much stress on your memory, you tend to forget details. In a similar way, you may not be able to retain all the information you have memorized. What you could retain depends on the type of information you come across.

To remember a domain name, it should be simple by not having numbers, words that are difficult to pronounce or are long, and special characters like hyphen.

3. Stand out from others by making up words

Your domain should be short, ideally 8-9 characters. Finding a shorter name is difficult, for it is in short supply. You may have to pay a high price for a domain you prefer to have if it is taken and not in use. A better option is to invent new word combinations, which several companies do today. Making up words can help you invent a new domain name, which serves as your brand or business name too. For instance, the name ‘Pinterest’ is a blend of words ‘Pin’ and ‘Interest’, as well as ‘Shpock’, is made out of ‘Shop in your pocket’. With the making up words, you can have something punchy and unique on a search engine. When you build your identity with portmanteau words, you need to be careful about how easy you can spell them.

4. Find a suitable domain name extension

Choosing an appropriate domain extension is as difficult as selecting a domain name. Both the name and extension form a part of your website address. With top-level domains (TLDs) such as .com, .info, .net, .org, .biz, and. club priced higher, it would be difficult to find a suitable one for an affordable price. The other option is to look for sponsored or country-code domains if it can suit your business. You can choose the country code TLD, ‘.uk’ if your business is based in the UK.

Buying a perfect website name is a tedious process, and having a reliable web hosting provider helps you get one of the most suitable domains for your business.

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