What Are Common Signs And Symptoms Of Female Dryness?

Women have many health and hygiene complications unlike men, whereas the latter doesn’t have to bother much and he can go about his daily life; without being too concerned of many things. However, the same is not applicable to women. One of the most common complications that every woman faces in her life at least once and sometimes at regular intervals is the problem of dryness in their vagina. However, they tend to ignore it because they consider it to be a normal occurrence and not a major health issue. Moreover, they don’t know all about the common signs as well as symptoms of female dryness.

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female dryness

Some common signs and symptoms

Though it is always recommended that a woman must go see a gynecologist at the time of any health issue she may have, but it helps to know the signs and symptoms of female dryness.

  • The most common sign of this particular health issue is several itching in and around vagina.
  • Continuous and prolonged burning sensation.
  • Major or minor bleeding from vagina, while during intercourse.
  • Any kind of urinary infection.

What are the reasons?

The outside of the vagina may become dry due to two reasons or a combined one. First is the chafing on the skin with the tight undergarments. Second is due to severe health issues and estrogens imbalance in the body. All of it causes bacteria to build-up and then the problem becomes pretty complicated.  Estrogens are vital for maintaining the overall PH balance of the vagina and its natural lubrication. If its natural production in the body is decreased, then the vaginal dryness will appear instantly.

What is the natural cure?

The first thing that needs to be done here is to watch the water intake every day. Less water consumption causes many complications in the body. Hence, drinking ample amount of clean water is the foremost practice that is suggested by all gynecologists. Eating too much junk food causes the nutrient imbalance in body, which consequently results in severe estrogens level imbalance. Hence, eating organic and unsaturated fat is recommended, while saturated fat is considered bad for health. Having right sleep duration on daily basis is also required so the body can get its much needed rest to function properly.

Keeping these things in consideration and going to a gynecologist for regular health checkups will keep female dryness under control. A healthy lifestyle will lead to a complication free life.

Home remedies

For a long time, women have been treating this complicated problem with home remedies that are simple yet highly effective.

  1. Water: Keeping the body hydrated at all times, keeps the female dryness away. Hence, drinking minimum 8 full glasses of water in a day; will help in reducing the chances of this problem to occur.
  2. Chemical: Today most of the women use many chemical based products for their personal and laundry use. Checking these chemicals for their components that create irritation to mucosal tissues, which lines the vagina, is a necessary thing to do. Also avoiding detergents and soaps with additional fragrances will help.
  3. Cotton panties: Wearing panties that are made out of cotton will aid in good air circulation in the vaginal region, this will then aid in the vagina to keep lubricated.
  4. Foreplay: When female dryness is associated with intercourse, it can be nicely tackled with good foreplay.

There are many more reasons and solutions to female dryness, which could be found and applied easily.

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