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Fabric is the material used to make cosplay costumes. In order to achieve good results in costume design, we must give full play to the properties and characteristics of the fabric, so that the fabric’s characteristics are perfectly combined with the costume’s shape and style, and complement each other. With the advancement of science and technology and the development of processing technology, the materials that can be used to make costumes are ever-changing, and different materials have their own characteristics in styling. Here we will briefly introduce the styling characteristics of different materials and fabrics as well as their application in garment design as follows (after being collected and organized on the Internet).

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FeaturesCommon Fabrics Common Designs
Soft Type Lighter, drapey, smoothly shaped, natural silhouetteKnitted fabrics, silk fabrics, soft linen fabrics, etc.Straight-line garment design
RefreshingClear lines with a sense of volume, resulting in a fuller garment silhouette.Cotton, polyester-cotton, corduroy, linen and various medium-thickness wool and synthetic fabrics, etc.Suits
GlossyThe surface is smooth and reflects light, giving it a glistening appearance.Fabric with satin structureEvening gowns, stage costumes
Heavy type,Hick and scratchy, stable styling effectThick wool, etcA and H type styling apparel
TransparentThe texture is light and transparent, with an elegant and mysterious artistic effect.Cotton, silk, synthetic fabrics, etc. H and round table shaped garments

While there are many of the fabrics described above, they are not always used. We have summarized some of the specific uses of the fabrics.

1. Uniforms series generally consider using uniform cloth or Cardan King, the difference is not big. Cardigan will be a little softer and more expensive; uniform fabric is easy to take care of, does not pilling, and has good shaping ability, but the disadvantage is that it has no elasticity, poor breathability, and is not suitable for summer.

2. The maid’s uniform and yukata are made of pure cotton. It is breathable and comfortable to wear. Note that the cotton fabric must be watered before it is cut because it shrinks badly.

3. Some princess dresses make extensive use of heavy satin and chiffon. These fabrics are rich in color, shiny, soft, and have poor plasticity.

Cosplay costume designers should not only accurately grasp the properties of fabrics, but also try new fabrics or explore new areas of fabric use according to changes in fashion trends, and creatively combine fabrics to make costumes more innovative. The production of every cosplay costume is not an easy task and deserves to be taken care of. If you want to own a cosplay costume, then check out the Cosplaylab website. Shopping on Cosplaylab you can choose to pay by credit card, PayPal, Western Union, or bank wire transfer, and the prices and quality here are mind-blowing.


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