Studying Pharmacy Course in Singapore

Most students study for a degree so that they can easily get a job after completing graduation. So one of the main considerations while choosing a degree course are the job prospects for the student. In the last few months, there has been a significant increase in the demand for healthcare professionals, and becoming a pharmacist is one of the safest career options for students who want to get a job quickly after graduating. Management Development Institute Singapore (MDIS), founded in 1956, is one of the most reputed colleges in Singapore for students who wish to study pharmacy courses in Singapore.

MDIS has a School of Life Sciences which offers pharmacology related courses. For these courses, the institute has collaborations with some of the most reputed universities worldwide. This ensures the course content developed included the latest products and techniques which are used extensively worldwide. The well-trained faculty has many years of experience in teaching students the different courses which will make the student a competent pharmacist. The best teaching techniques are used so that the student understands the subjects thoroughly. Periodically the course content is reviewed considering the market demand for various services so that the student has the requisite knowledge.

In addition to theoretical knowledge, it is also necessary for the student to have practical experience in the various products he will be handling. The laboratories at MDIS are well equipped with the latest equipment so that the students get familiar with the testing and other equipment. The laboratory staff is experienced and well trained so that they can answer any query which the student will have. The students also have to undergo internship with reputed pharma companies or other pharmacies so that they become familiar with working conditions in the pharmaceutical sector.

Many students who wish to study at MDIS may not have their families living in Singapore. Realizing this MDIS helps students of all ages find suitable accommodation while they complete their course at MDIS. Depending on the budget of the student, they can opt for apartments, which they may share with other students. Alternatively, the student can opt to stay in a hostel. All accommodation for students is safe and cleaned regularly. It has all the facilities which a student will require for living comfortably including housekeeping and maintenance. The accommodation also has a canteen where the student can get healthy and nutritious meals.

One of the main factors which most students consider while choosing a college is the placement record for the students, the companies which hire the graduate students. MDIS collaborates with the leading companies and ensures that the students are well trained so that they can start work immediately, and have the skills which they will require at their job. Hence a large number of the most reputed companies in Singapore are hiring students directly from the campus, and are visiting the campus regularly. So for students who wish to study Pharmacy, MDIS is highly recommended since it has an excellent lab, teaching, hostel facilities, well-trained staff.

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