Stephanie Buttermore height, Age, Instagram, Wiki and Lesser known facts

Stephanie Buttermore is a fitness lover who is known for sharing pictures and videos of her workouts on the internet. Originally, she was a qualified surgeon and holds a Ph.D. in her profession, but she became renowned for her love for fitness. Since then Stephanie’s social media was used to entertain, express interests in her life, and at the same time positively impact more people. This finally made her a celebration and fascinated many people in figuring out the unknown about her. This article exposes everything you need to know about Stephanie Buttermore, including her schooling and her family information.

               Stephanie Buttermore

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Stephanie Buttermore height, Age, Instagram, Wiki and Lesser known facts

Real NameStephanie Buttermore
Date of BirthFebruary 25, 1990, Florida, USA
ProfessionFitness Model, Influencer
Age31 Years as of Jan 2021
Stephanie Buttermore height 165 cm
RelationshipJeff Nippard
Net worth500k $ estimated
EducationPh.D. Biomedical Sciences, Pathology & Cell Biology, University of South Florida
NationalityUnited States
Social MediaInstagram – stephanie_buttermore

Youtube – StephanieButtermore 

About Stephanie Buttermore

Born in the U.S., Florida, Stéphanie. Her family moved to Florida with her siblings and settled in the Sunshine State when she was only a little girl. In particular to her younger sister who is a nurse, Stephanie is rather closed to her family. It has an American nationality and is a multinational Asian and white race.

Stephanie Buttermore

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She was a very knowledgeable student from her early childhood. She graduated from the University of Central Florida after finishing her high school studies. She was eventually awarded a Bachelor in Microbiology Science. She then studied MS Medical Sciences and Women’s Health at the University of South Florida. She received a Ph.D. in Biomedical, Pathological & Cell Biology, the University of South Florida, which was a great hope of her life, after her degree in MS Medical Sciences, Pathology & Cell Biology.

Personal Life

Buttermore was born on February 25, 1990, and the USA, Florida is her place of birth. Her parents’ names are not available so she’s got a sibling she’s related to. She went to the University of Central Florida after her higher education. She later earned a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences at the University of South Florida.

Physical Appearance

Stephanie Buttermore is a wellness guru and she has only the right body to convince others of her fitness skills. She weighs around 54kg or 119lbs in a finely-toned frame. At 5 feet, it stands 5 inches or 1,68m in height. The dark brown color of Stephanie’s hair is black.

Stephanie Buttermore Age

No wonder, people are always concerned about all the little details when it comes to celebrities and their personal affairs. According to the wiki, on 25 February, she marks her birth thirty-year birthday and was born in 1990.


Stephanie is a surgeon specializing in ovarian cancer studies. When she was at the lab, she decided to use the fitness center to ease everyday tension – the exercise turned to excitement, and Stephanie quickly found that she could not stop training as she enjoyed it. Although using her Instagram account for the first time to share images from the laboratory, she is sharing photos from the gym, including her muscle development and some of her workouts.

Stephanie was inspired to participate by a lot of fan base and left the 2014 NPC

Sunset Classic as the winner – a success she wanted to concentrate on but didn’t compete. Her fame led her to be invited to several photoshoots and to conclude a deal with one of the most recognizable modeling companies in the United States. Since then she has featured in several lifestyle magazines and published bikini brands and businesses. Stephanie may be the fitness model she liked, but she also devotes herself to her first-ever goal – to study cancer and find a cure for the disease.


Stephanie Buttermore is an active woman who is not afraid to discuss her friendship with her fans. But in 2016 her marriage ended because of incompatibility. She was married to Alex Biggs Buttermore first. Currently, she is in a relationship with the fitness specialist Jeff Nippard. He is recognized in social media accounts as a bodybuilder. Buttermore began to track him on Instagram, enjoyed and posted on his stories. This came to Jeff’s notice and their relationship started quickly. Your love tale is an example of the origins of modern interactions. The fans root the pair because they’re made for each other.

Plan Diet and Workout

Stephanie chose extreme lifts and insulation workouts, after years of exercising, as this appears to be her body’s most fitting. Her workouts begin with intense compound motions, then she transitions to heavy lifting and finishes the course with isolation moves. While Cardio is not the main objective, if it seems like it is important, do it once or twice a week. While Stephanie’s diet isn’t that rigorous, she also insists the guidelines must be upheld – she can never stop consuming the food she likes but she won’t overdo it.

Stephanie Buttermore on Social Media

She still is very popular as a YouTube celebrity on other social media sites such as Instagram. She was popular even with over 628k fans, not surprisingly. She frequently refreshes her fans with selfie shots and images from her world tours, which even contains a few photos of bikinis and gymnastics. Buttermore has another account on Instagram, with more than 105k loyal followers, making food review posts. Buttermore says that she has learned to use social media to meet and address issues. She also posts regular fitness related videos on her Youtube channel which has more than 1.15 M subscribers.

Unknown Facts

  1. She blends her experience as a doctor with her health obsession to make great fitness videos.
  2. Buttermore is a wonderful lady who enjoys calling himself a FIT SCIENTIST.
  3. After a PhD. in pathology, Stephanie begins her career year after year, becoming a popular model for fitness and a bikini athlete.
  4. She was consistently helped by her fiance, Jeff Nippard, on her journey from a Ph.D. graduate to a gym.
  5. She claims that the only way to produce long-term success is to take a healthy, conscientious approach to eat.

Net Worth

Since Buttermore is a successful social media celebrity, because of her success she earns a lot of money. Its approximate net worth is 500,000 dollars. If you visit your website and view your posts, you earn money from Youtube thanks to the material she made for the public to appreciate.

Bottom Line

The popular star and icon for social media are Stephanie Buttermore. All of her videos are nice and they provide helpful advice for staying fit. Her videos inspire viewers worldwide to eat well and to remain healthy.

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