Stainless steel microwave shelf: durability and functionality your food service business needs

Vertical and strongly made stainless steel microwave shelves can be usually found in commercial kitchens. Their key function is holding heavyweight household appliances. However, usability, sturdiness, and versatility of the stainless steel microwave shelf allow securely storing a wide range of essential for quick food prep processes items and having instant access to them. Thus, you can place such kitchen equipment as utensils for cooking and serving and different hand tools. Hygienic material is perfect for keeping ingredients, goods, spices, bottles, etc.  Apart from microwave, wall mount shelves can hold blenders, mixers, coffee makers, and other household appliances, thereby you gain an opportunity to free up more space on the countertop, so nothing will prevent from smooth performance of the staff.

Stainless steel microwave shelf

Impressive Benefits of a stainless microwave shelf

Excellent resolution of storage issues in tight spaces

Strong construction firmly fixed to the vertical wall is a solid and safe all-purpose storage surface. Just pick the appropriate spot on the vertical wall, so the structure won’t become a barrier. Properly thought-out space management is the imperative component for the successful operation of any food establishment.

Optimal contemporary look that fits any design.

The rustic and vibrant metal style of the stainless steel microwave shelf will not only optimize the working zone and serve as a holder for a myriad of objects but also make the room where dozens of cooking tasks are executed daily more modern, ergonomic-efficient, neat, and well-organized. It suits both commercial and private needs.

Hassle-free and fast installation.

Manufacturers have taken care of the convenience of installation, so you can effortlessly and instantly attach the stainless steel microwave shelf.

The superior quality of stainless steel.

A high level of resistance to rust is the strongest argument in the favor of buying steel shelves. The material is also recognized all over the world for its antibacterial properties. It is also:

  • reliable and can perform its functions without signs of wear and tear and defects over the expected life expectancy period;
  • can withstand temperature fluctuations;
  • impervious to high humidity and other environments typical for busy kitchens;
  • eco-friendly material;
  • attractive in terms of external characteristics.

Moreover, microwave wall mount shelves are not exposed to the formation of corrosion and plaque, accumulation of dirt and germs. And if it is believed that stainless steel is an expensive metal, such an advantage of this material as a long service life in comparison with other materials definitely wins in terms of the price-quality ratio over its direct competitors that are wood and plastic.

Extra support brackets for better steadiness.

Mounting one or a couple of shelves over the prep tables with the purpose to place a microwave oven is a customized approach for outfitting your commercial kitchen. And while such units come in different shapes, dimensions, and configurations, there is an option with additional support measures for improved weight capacity. Thus, check all available models on the market to pick the most suitable one.

100% satisfaction guarantee.

A long-lasting steel shelf will definitely exceed your expectations in terms of longevity, aesthetics, and resistance.

If choosing such equipment for arranging the room, you must remember that there are rules for care and support. And even if such a shelf does not need repainting or treatment against corrosion, its cleanliness cannot be ignored to meet the foodservice strict requirements. If you don’t want to occupy the wall, then you may also check out more shelving alternatives offered by AmGoodSupply. Dunnage racks, equipment stands, complete shelving kits can become great additions that you have been seeking for so long.

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