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Let’s thank the Internet age, for the fact that even the most antisocial users can find a company of their interests. Now you can find friends with such ease and speed that you don’t even have to leave the house. Here messengers come to the aid of the user. Today, there are many programs for communication, so the user faces a difficult choice.

Users choose from many variants and pay attention to functional possibilities. But, the main point is the degree of security that private messenger has. So, we’ve prepared for you the list of stable and highly protected messengers for daily usage.

Private Messenger

Private Messenger: Select from the range of variants!


Utopia is a multi-functional and secure ecosystem that is based on peer-to-peer architecture. It does not have a single server where all data is stored. Instead, it creates separate servers for each client, with individual access. This access opens a personal key that is generated by the ecosystem during anonymous registration. Data on servers is encrypted thanks to a high-speed EllipticCurve25519and256-bitAES.

Utopia is a decentralized system that includes uMessenger, uMail, Idyll Browser, uWallet, Mining Bot. All tools are available for anonymous and secure use in Hybrid Mode. For stable work, the user should have operating systems like Windows, Linux or IOS.


Telegram is an entirely free app that allows users to exchange text, audio, and video messages. Initially, it was only a mobile app for iOS and Android, but later a PC version appeared.

Users will especially appreciate the “secret chat” feature, which can only be seen on the device where it was created, and it can not be visible on all other devices, even on synced devices.

Telegram uses MTProto cryptographic Protocol for security.


This app allows you to communicate with network users without logging in to the app itself. The program is free and independently pulls the list of contacts from your social network account to the messenger.

Thanks to the app, the user will not miss a single message, comment or notification. Inside the app, users can exchange all possible types of messages, make audio and video calls, and thanks to a set of ready-made stickers and Emoji, communication will become much more interesting and fun. As in Telegram, there is a secret chat function, with the ability to set a timer for deleting messages.


Free app for making calls, messaging and media files, works on different types of devices. The app is fully synced on all devices available to the user.

Within the program, you can create group chats for up to 100 participants, so Viber is often used for corporate communication or as a trading platform. Like WhatsApp, It can analyze the user’s contact list and mark active Viber users.


The app from Google allows you to exchange messages and make calls. All received information from chats can be archived or uploaded to online albums. Since all correspondence is stored on cloud servers, you can access it from any device. You can use the app for confidential and corporate communications, file sharing, and video conferencing.

The app allows you to sync with all Google services. You can use emoticons and emojis, stickers and animations, add images, and share geolocation in your correspondence.


It is a messenger from Apple, built into this company’s devices by default and used for free messaging between owners of Apple devices.

Selectively approach the process of sending information intuitively, selecting the most optimal one. Thanks to such technologies, manufacturers guarantee the highest safety of transmitted data. Messenger has an intuitive and simple interface, easy to use.

Select the best variant of highly encrypted and protected messengers and appreciate the usage benefits.

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