Everything You Need to Know as a Spectacle Wearer (Nearly)

Perhaps you are one of those people who has been wearing glasses since they were a child and now you feel undressed without them. Conversely, it may well be the case that you have only recently made the transition to wearing spectacles and as such, are finding the change slightly difficult to deal with.

Either way, continue reading to discover everything (nearly) you need to know as a spectacle wearer.

Spectacle Wearer

Always Choose Lenses with UV Protection

The best way to ensure you are protecting your eyes is to invest in lenses for your glasses that provide adequate UV protection. So when shopping for your next pair of radiation protection glasses or if you are able to replace your current ones right now, you should get lenses with UV protection.

Moreover, if the weather in your local area tends to be warm sunshine for the vast majority of the time, then you should upgrade to lenses that contain one hundred percent ultraviolet filtration.

Make Sure You Listen to Your Eye Doctor’s Advice

It is entirely understandable, although considerably more detrimental than you probably think, to forego wearing your glasses during a particular activity, even though your eye doctor has instructed you to wear them all day and throughout the evening.

However, this can cause considerable damage to your eyes, especially with the constant switching between glasses and your eyes being able to focus easily and then having to strain when they are removed.

At the same time, if you wear them when you are advised not to, then you could make your eyes used to the help, and your eyesight will deteriorate quicker.

There is Another Option!

Now, it might be the case that you are more than happy to wear glasses and consider them to be just another accessory to your fabulous sense of fashion and style.

However, if you are constantly annoyed by switching between your reading and driving glasses and always seem to leave them behind when you need them most, you may want to consider the alternative.

Prestigious and reputable eye clinics, such as the esteemed Memorial Eye Institute Harrisburg, for example, offer an extremely effective (not to mention affordable) laser eye surgical procedure, with the surgery itself lasting only twenty minutes.

Clean Your Glasses Regularly

Another huge mistake that spectacle wearers make is to neglect to properly clean their glasses.

Even the smallest particle of dust, loose hair or eyelash that has become affixed to the inside or outside of the lens, or even simply a slightly mucky fingerprint in the corner can restrict your vision and sometimes be the catalyst for a tension headache or migraine.

Make Sure the Lens are High Quality & Strong

Finally, another crucial component of high-quality lenses, an indication of the make and brand itself, is whether or not the lends are made from polycarbonates and are, therefore, impact resistant.

Having a lens shatter is not only incredibly troublesome in terms of not being able to see until you are able to have your glasses repaired, but much more importantly, it could lead to tiny shards of glass becoming lodged in your eye socket or eyeball.

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