Beauty Tips and Tricks for Glasses Wearers

Choosing the right glasses to suit your personal style as well as face shape means you can totally own your spectacle look and your optician will be invaluable in helping you to pick the perfect pair. And with the right eye for colour and fashion, you can make your glasses and any outfit pop.

To help you take your eyewear style from night to day, we lift the lid on some of the best beauty tips and tricks for glasses wearers.

Glasses Wearers

Opt for contact lenses

Your eyes have to work hard to compete with your glasses so why not take them out of the equation for the night and pop some contact lenses in. Contact lenses are becoming more and more popular and are available to be delivered right to your door with Pure Optical UK. they are easy to use and offer you even more natural sight than glasses.

Consider the frame colour

Particularly if you regularly favour a certain shade, say of lipstick or style of clothes, give some thought to the colour of the frame you choose so you can avoid any garish colour clashes. If in any doubt, opt for a monochrome or neutral frame colour to give you more options or if you can, choose two pairs – one neutral and one in more of a colour pop – so you can regularly shake up your look.

Curl your lashes

Your eyelashes hitting the inside of your glasses’ lenses can be a problem, particularly if you regularly wear mascara, as it can leave faint smears and residue on the surface. You can solve the problem by curling your eyelashes, which will also open up your eyes for a beautiful, doe-eyed look. And opt for waterproof mascara to help keep the inside lens clean.If curling isn’t your best solution, Paris Lash Academy would be a great option. This brand has a variety of selections and ready to fulfill your needs.

Use a good under-eye concealer

Eyewear frames, especially if they are thick or dark, can cast extra shadows onto your face, drawing attention to the under-eye area. To help take the focus away from any fine lines, creases or eye bags, use a well-blended, light-reflecting concealer to bounce those dark shadows away.

Keep those brows in check

Your frames will inevitably also draw attention to your eyebrows so a little cosmetic attention will ensure your brows are happy to be on the show. Check the shape of the brow to make sure it is neat, whipping away or trim any scraggly hairs and filling in any sparse spots with a brow pencil for a well-groomed, glasses wearer look.

Go bold

When wearing glasses, you can actually go much bolder with your make-up, so why not take the plunge! Bold, well applied make-up will bring your eyes to the fore, and help you match your look to your clothes for a special night out. Or, if you prefer a simpler eye, go for a colour-pop lipstick to balance out a strong glass wearer look.

And for something extra special click here, go one better and speak to your optician about cosmetic contact lenses so you can temporarily change your eye colour. Now that’s one sure way to turn those heads!

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