5 Side Effects Your Kid can have playing video games

During the changing of lifestyle, the craze in the Internet, online games have increased so much that people have started using it without appreciating the time. Especially children are engaged in playing online games on phones or laptops from morning till night to sleep. If children at this time do not get rid of this addiction, it can be very stressful for them and there may be many disadvantages. Let’s know what are the disadvantages of having more time to play games online?

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1. Bad effects on the eyes

Playing games on a phone or laptop has a bad effect on the eyes. Especially in the dark, the lights of the phone or the laptop are in the eyes when the lights of the eyes gradually decrease.

2. Getting the distance from the people around

Some children have so much craze of mobile phones that they stay away from the people around them. Whether they are in a party or in a social program, only such children look busy playing their games on their phones. They do not even make a difference in the environment around them.

3. Sleep Problems

Playing games on the phone leads to problems related to sleep problems. Playing games while sleeping at night, the children come to sleep late at night and sometimes they wake up at night and play games too. In this way, due to lack of sleep, their health also has a bad effect.

4. Do not like studying

Some children make the day-night one to complete the level of the game. During this time his mind was not fully prepared in studies. They always think about completing the level in the brain. It also has a bad effect on their studies.

5. Being irritated all Time

After playing the video game on phone for a long time in the hands of the children, the mud starts stirring and their temper becomes irritable. Many times children also quit eating and drinking.

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