Top 5 Reasons iPhone And iPad Screens Crack

iPhone and iPad are some premium kind of devices that are widely used by numerous people. These devices are best for business as well as personal use as they have many features and quick processors. Sometimes, due to carelessness, these devices fall off from our hands and get damaged. The main part that is damaged primarily is the screen. This is the worse thing that could happen with iPhone and iPad users. Here we have covered the Top 5 Reasons iPhone and iPad screens crack.

Reasons iPhone And iPad Screens Crack

1. Slipping out of hands:

It is the most common way to get your screen cracked and is most avoidable as well. Sometimes, we try to hold too many things in our hands like mobile, charger, earpiece, books, and etc. at the same time. But unfortunately, they all slipped out of our hands and fall off on the floor. It may also slip out of your hands while playing catch with it.

2. Someone sat on it:

Due to the weight of the human body on the iPhone or iPad can cause the screen to crack easily. It happens mostly when the device was kept on bed, couch, or chair and someone accidentally sits on it. This also happens when you have kept the phone in your back pocket of your pants and you just sit somewhere. The screen glasses are not so strong that they can bear that much pressure and get cracked. iPhone users click here if you are facing any such problem and get your device repaired.

3. Your Child played with it:

Children are full of eagerness and excitement when they play with new things. Your mobile phone or tablet is one of them. While playing with your iPhone or iPad they can throw it on the wall, they can drop it from the bed, and they can also hit it to the floor in excitement.

4. Someone walked on your device:

This is a common reason for cracking the screens as well. Someone like your friend or family including you may run over it in some hurry without noticing it. Usually, not everyone leaves its iPhone or iPad on the floor but if it has left it on the floor then it can be damaged.

5. Dropped in Washroom:

This is the most popular reason for cracked screens of the iPhone and iPad. While texting or surfing on the iPhone or iPad, some people accidentally drop their devices on the floor in the washroom. When in the toilet, people are careless or in other words they are not careful over there and old their devices lightly. This causes the device to fall off their hands.

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