3 Tips For Shopping For Vintage Clothes And Accessories

If you love the idea of wearing vintage clothing, handbags and accessories, but have had a hard time finding the pieces that you want or knowing what thrifted items are worth buying, there are some tricks that you can employ that can help you find just what you’re looking for.

To help you in making this happen, here are three tips for shopping for vintage clothes and accessories.

Shopping For Vintage Clothes

Get The Sizing Right

When you’ve found a piece of clothing that you think you might like while shopping for vintage clothes, one thing that can be hard to get right is the sizing.

For the times that you find the piece in person, you can simply try it on and see if it fits you. But when you’re buying something online, vintage clothing often has different sizing than modern clothing, which can make it hard to just trust sizing like small, medium, or large. Rather, when shopping online for vintage clothing, you’ve got to know your actual measurements and what the physical measurements of the vintage clothes are. This way, you can know with a higher certainty that what you’re purchasing will work for you.

Know What Can Be Repaired And What Can’t

With many vintage pieces, there is going to be a bit of wear and tear on it. So if you’re looking for something in pristine or like-new condition, you’re going to have to pay far more for this than other vintage clothing. But just because something has a bit of wear and tear doesn’t mean it can’t be strengthened. The trick is knowing what can be repaired and what can’t.

When it comes to fabrics, if there are changes to the colors like stains and yellowing, that often can’t be repaired well. But for things like small tears or thinning fabric, those are things that can usually be fixed and strengthened.

Make It A Team Effort

If you’re shopping for vintage clothes casually and just looking for something cool to add to your collection, all you really need is an eye for your style. But when you’re on the hunt for a specific item, what can really be beneficial to you is making your search a team effort.

When you’re able to have more than one person out in the world looking for a specific piece, your chances of actually finding it will increase drastically. As long as you trust them to find the right piece for you and be able to tell if it’s a knockoff or not, you may be able to find more of your favorite vintage pieces when you enlist others to help you.

If you need a little help and guidance as you continue to shop for vintage clothes and accessories, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you in doing this.



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