Cole Bennett net worth, age, height, Instagram, wiki and lesser known facts

Cole Bennett hails from Plano, Illinois, United States, and has got recognition as a successful businessman, executive, videographer and music video director. When he was at his young age he had started his own start up, which today is known as ‘Lyrical Lemonade’. Although, when he had embarked on this journey it was only for blogs and it was a blog in fact in the year 2013. This al took place when he was attending his high schools. A young mind encourage inside him to start his own start up, at that particular point of time, he had never thought of taking it so big.

Cole Bennett net worth

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Cole Bennett net worth, Age, Height, Instagram, Wiki and lesser-known facts

Real NameCole Bennett
Date of Birth14 May 1996 ( Plano, Illinois, United States )
ProfessionVideographer, music video director, Businessman
Age24 Years as of December 2020
Height185 cm
EducationPlano High School, DePaul University
Relationship StatusNot known
Net Worth2-5 Million $  Estimated
NationalityUnited States
Social MediaInstagram – colebennett

Twitter – colebennett

Youtube – Lyrical Lemonade

Early life story of Cole Bennett

Well, this Cole Bennett was born on 14th of May in 1996, in Plano Illinois and he then went to Plano high school. Then he dropped out his college and planned to shift his all focus upon on his career in the videography and hip hop music. Many at times he said into interviews that he wanted to do this since childhood. Then he dedicated himself to this field and worked hard to achieve this position which he is enjoying currently.

About Lyrical lemonade

However, this company ‘Lyrical Lemonade’ had got embarked on as an internet blog and when this start up had got started. He was only a high school student and he has also left his high school for working upon his dream project. As he told that he is a dedicated person and he religiously followed this. With time Cole started his rap music and he was doing fine into this field too. Soon, he received many projects into this filed and he worked on even local Chicago rappers and this also includes Vic Mensa and Taylor Bennett.

Cole has even worked upon SoundCloud rap sub genre and this got so much popularity and recognition. His short film, ‘Lone Springs’ even got released on April 7th, 2017 and this really got appreciation from people. In august 2017, his one directed vide came out and this was for Lil Xan single, ‘Betrayed’ and it was certified Platinum by the RIAA in 2018. Many music videos came out which gave hit songs and it also included Ski Mask the Slump God’s ‘babyWipe’, Lil Skies, Red Roses and ‘Nowdays’ and YBN Nahmir’s ‘Bounce Out With That’.

In the year 2018 May, his video embarked on getting recognition and he established his image as most recognizable music video directors. This videos Chicago rapper Juice World’s ‘Lucid Dreams’ both got selected for number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. His videos even got surpassed 590 million views on YouTube and this became most popular video on the Channel. He has even worked for J.Cole, Wiz Khalifa, Kanye west and Eminem. Cole has even directed the music video for Eminem’s hit single ‘Godzilla’ and this even got featured as a guest appearance from Juice Wrld but he died before the song could get released. This video even got 13 million views in just 24 hours. Bennett even directed the music video for the rapper’s single ‘Gnat’’.

His work in the videography

He has brilliantly even worked on videos like ‘Call of the Wild’, ‘self Demise’, ‘Grindin’, ‘On My Way’, ‘IDK’, ‘Easy’, ‘No Name’, ‘Self Demise’, ‘Meditate’, ‘White Man Can’t Golf’, ‘Crack and French’, ‘Bang Bang’(featuring CC Delight), ‘Preparation’, ‘Suppose to Be’, ‘Coming Down’, ‘Revolutinary’, ‘Pay day’, ‘Dripstyle’, ‘High Voltage’, ‘Flexin’, ‘Successors’, ‘Dripstyle’, ‘Anywhere’, ‘Scarface’, ‘Time’, ‘Rush Hour’, ‘Struggle’, ‘Body bags’, ‘Cut It Freestyle’, ‘How I Kick’, ‘Shooter’, ‘Black Man Lost’, Hit Em Wit It’, ‘Slowly’, ‘I am Paid’, ‘DMC’, ‘Slowly’, ‘Up Out My Way’, ‘HUDDD’, ‘Juggin’, ‘How We Settle’, ‘Pain and success’, ‘King Dillla’, ‘Unfadeable’, ‘Gucci Chanel’, ‘Knew I Would’, ‘Gwop’, ‘Knew I would’, ‘Next Bitch’, ‘Foamposite’, ‘Nothin 4 Me’, ‘Movie Scene’, ‘Fuck Up A Sack’, ‘When I Walk’, ‘On My Waist’, ‘Morning Light’, ‘With Yo Bitch’, ‘Shoot’, ‘Free Man’, ‘For The Winter’, ‘Cold Front’, ‘Achoo!’, ‘Trust Me’, ‘Let’s Get It’ (Featuring Yung Bizzle), ‘Stuck Boi’, ‘Calling Me’, ‘Zaytiggy’, ‘Po It’, ‘Heart Racing’, ‘credit’, ‘I Don’t Need them’, ‘Betrayed’, ‘Dirty Taurus’ (featuring Rich the kid), ‘BabyWipe’. These are his best work and people liked these videos a lot.

What kept him motivated?

There are many things into the lives of people which kept on motivating and in his interviews he said: ‘Mine was my work and creation’. I have worked day and night it helped me a lot to keep myself motivated towards my dreams. I have always taught myself to broaden views and work upon that. Motivation should be from inside us and it should be natural because real motivation is that which motivates people from inside.

What message he wants to convey?

He just wants to say to his youths that life is all about keep on working and working on self. Those who work hard they surely make their way towards success and their destination. So youths should never compromise and youths should always focus on their dreams first and then they should think about other things. There are many youths who dwell into oblivion because they are never directed to the right direction. But people should think twice before they are taking any decision and people must not forget that life is all about taking right decision and working on self.

Winding up

So Cole is toady a famous name and everyone knows about him and he is today recognized as an ideal person. He is still working so hard and working upon his dreams and anyone who is interested in knowing about him can go and collect his information by staying with us. We are here with all the information and news about him and he is also available on social media. Cole is an active person who is also present there and anyone can go and follow them. So go and follow him on social media and collect all his pictures and updates and you can stay with us too for collecting information about him.

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