Sarathi Parivahan Sewa: Apply Driving Licence Online

If you want to acquire your driver’s license, we’ll tell you about the most recent technologies in this post. The best way to get your license is by using the Sarathi Parivahan Sewa (SPS) system. It’s an online service that lets you apply for a driving permit using your computer or mobile phone. Because Parivahan Sewa has just changed the manner licenses are issued. Only you may now obtain a driver’s license using an Aadhaar card.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways of India has made it possible to apply for a new driver’s license quickly, efficiently, and remotely. And if this was not enough, we’ll also tell you how to get the newly-released digital driving license on your phone!

Sarathi Parivahan Sewa

What is Sarathi Parivahan Sewa?

Sarathi Parivahan Sewa is an online service that enables individuals to apply for a driver’s license, renewal, and change their address in just a few simple steps. It is currently available in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Maharashtra, Telangana, and West Bengal. The service lets you use your computer or mobile phone to apply for a driving license. You do not need to visit the RTO office and can instead complete the entire process from your home.

How Does Sarathi Parivahan Sewa Work?

Here’s how you can use this online service to get your driving license:

1- First, you have to register an account. For this, you have to enter your details such as name, date of birth, etc. You can create an account using your Aadhaar card or a password and verification code.

2- Once your account is created, you will receive a password and security OTP on the registered mobile number. You need to enter these details when you log in to access your profile.

3- You have to start the application process by clicking the ‘New Driving Licence’ option on the top menu bar. Enter all the information about yourself, such as name, address, and other relevant details such as gender and marital status.

4- After that, you have to fill in the form for the license. The FAQ section will help you with any queries you may have. One of the questions is about your permanent address, and it requires a date. Make sure you enter the correct date and not one set in the future, as this can cause a problem later on. This step is also where you’ll be asked whether or not you want to attach your Aadhaar card number and, if so, what is your 12-digit Aadhaar card number and name on it.

5- Once all your details are filled in, there’s just one more thing left to do: submit the form.

How to use Sarathi Parivahan Sewa?

In addition to using the online service on your computer, you may also use the mobile app. Just log in using your registered details, and you’ll be able to make all the required changes on your phone. Should you want to change something on your profile, like a change in address or name, these changes are also made via the mobile app.

6- Once you click ‘submit,’ it will send it to government authorities, and they’ll get back to you with the license within two days. On receiving the request, a notification will be sent to your registered mobile number. This can be done by either scanning it or entering it manually at

Changes to Your Driving Permit

Once you have an SPS license, you’ll also be able to change your driving permit. You can do this using your registered mobile number or scanning or entering it manually.

7- Once your permit is renewed, you’ll have three months to use it, after which it’ll expire. The new driving license will officially become available with the RTO office within a few days of its receipt. A notification will be sent via SMS on the mobile number you used while applying for the license. If required, you will also send a mail to the registered email account of your registered mobile number.

Not visiting the RTO office is the most significant advantage of this online service.

8- Applying for a driving license through sarathi parivahan Sewa will save you time and

 money. Fees are paid digitally, so there is no need to rush to the bank to get cash or waste valuable time standing in queues at the RTO office or paying your fee at counters.

9- It’s also possible to apply for a duplicate license easily. Remember your password and keep it away from prying eyes to prevent any misuse. You must retain all your documents safe and handy, just in case you need them later on.

Sarathi Parivahan Sewa:

Sarathi Parivahan Sewa is an online service that lets you apply for a driving license, renew your consent or change your address. All you have to do is log in using an account registered with an Aadhaar card and password. You can also use Sarathi Parivahan Sewa from your mobile phone by downloading the official app from the play store.

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Positive Aspects of Sarathi Parivahan Sewa: 

You do not have to spend time in a bank or RTO office because all your documents are submitted on a computer or mobile app. This also saves you money since you do not have to give any cash.

Using the digital service is very easy, and it avoids long queues at counters or waiting in line at banks to withdraw cash for paying administrative fees.

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