Safe Outdoor Activities During the Covid-19 Pandemic

This year has been incredibly difficult for everyone, and if you’re looking for a respite away from the stresses, doom, and general gloom that our current circumstances have bestowed upon pretty much all of us, then getting outside is the way to do it! With many restrictions still in place, and having spent months on end locked down inside our homes, the outside is looking better than ever! Here are a few brilliant activities that you can safely enjoy with your nearest and dearest this season…

Safe Outdoor Activities


Camping is the ultimate outdoor activity for literally anyone who’s looking to plan a fantastically fun and Covid safe staycation this coming summer! You can’t beat the freedom, fresh air, incredible sights, socially distanced neighbourly spirit, and sense of adventure that camping offers! You don’t even have to venture far to find yourself some iconic camping areas, every state and every location has its own hidden gems. If you’re feeling ever so slightly cheated out of the holiday that you deserve, then pack up the car and get camping! This is the perfect cost-effective way of enjoying some lovely memorable quality time with friends and family, all whilst staying safe and healthy. Ensure that you’re following state and national government guidelines and that you keep your wits about you to protect yourself properly. Pack plenty of face masks, hand sanitizer, keep a safe distance from those not in your group and bring the camper trailer so that you can skip out on the shared amenities.

A few other awesome activities you can get up to both at the campground and on your usual stomping ground include…


Get your heart pumping and your legs moving out on a healthy hike! Hiking is fantastic for your wellbeing and for getting out and about after being cooped up at home for so long. If you’re camping in a National Park or on a serene stretch of coast, you’ll find yourself absolutely spoilt for choice! If you’re keeping it local for now, pack a picnic and set off on your trail for a day of active fun. You can even swap out your legs for a bike if cycling is more your speed! Don’t forget the camera, you’ll want to snap some memories of the beautiful sights you’re sure to stumble across!

Water Sports

Jumping in the water is a perfect way of melting the stress of the world away for an hour or two! There are so many safe, socially distanced activities you can get up to out on the water. Think paddle boarding, body surfing, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, and even something a little more adrenaline filled like water skiing! Get out on the lake or in the surf to spend a few healthy hours out in the sunshine this summer, you definitely deserve it. This one is great for campers and for those who are spending their staycation tucked inside their own homes.

Off Road Exploring

Driving off road is so much fun, and it really is just the kind of excitement that’s ideal for your 2020 vacation. Pack up the car, find yourself an off roading camper trailer and get set to have an adventure filled road trip full of discovery and exploration. This is pretty much guaranteed to help you forget about all those weeks you spent locked up inside! Why not plan yourself a long stint of off road exploring and camping to really treat yourself? This is the best time to invest in outdoor adventures, so if you don’t have one already, then get browsing for range of  trailers for sale!

Anyone of these activities is perfect for safe, socially distanced, covid proof enjoyment. Always use your common sense and follow government guidelines to keep yourself, your family, and your community healthy.

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