Caring for Your Strip Curtains to Increase Their Lifespan

In warehouses, commercial kitchens, and hospitals, good hygiene is the key to protecting staff, clients, visitors and products. This is why strip curtains are employed in so many of these establishments. They are super-efficient at keeping out bacteria, bugs, and outside debris due to their strength and durability.

 However, your strip curtains must be maintained to keep them in good working order to avoid falling foul of the Health and Safety at Work Act. This updated January 2021 states that all work equipment must be maintained efficiently. Read on for advice from Strip Curtains Direct on taking care of your strip curtains.

Strip Curtains

Choose the right product for your workplace.

It is essential firstly to choose the correct type of strip curtains according to what kind of use they will be subject to. Consider whether that will be pedestrian traffic only, heavy-duty machinery traffic, or a mixture of the two. 

Where there is only going to be light use, for instance, pedestrian traffic only, you will be able to get by with a more lightweight material. However, where machinery such as forklift trucks or metal trolleys are used, you will need something heavier such as double rib or heavy-duty material to withstand the more severe traffic.

Choose the right size.

Strip curtains need to be matched precisely to the length and width of the opening to maximise their efficiency. An unmatched curtain can easily be snagged on machinery and torn or stretched; the material can become damaged over time. If a curtain is too long, for example, staff may become tired of getting tangled up and will start to try to hang the curtain up out of the way, negating the use of the curtain. If a curtain is too short, it cannot do the job it is meant to do, namely keeping out contaminants.

Always make sure that you measure up correctly before purchasing your strip curtains. The last thing you want is to reduce their efficiency by buying those that are too small.

Inspect and clean

Regular inspection of your strip curtains is essential to keep them in good working order. It would help if you inspected them weekly for any damage, such as tears and scratches. If any significant tears are found, it is recommended that you replace the damaged strip as any tears will impact the efficiency of the curtain. Examine scratches closely as sometimes a strip curtain can appear scratched when it just needs a good clean.

If you allow dirt to build up on your strip curtains, you will find it is not as easy to see through them. This, of course, can cause accidents and collisions. A dirty curtain is also much less hygienic as dirt will attract insects or mould. To avoid having to replace your curtains too often, follow these steps for cleaning them.

If the curtains are soiled, remove them and soak them in hot water to remove any deep-seated dirt and particles. Avoid using any harsh chemical cleaners; hot water should be sufficient. If they are only lightly soiled, you should be able to wipe them down in situ. Again, use a clean cloth and hot water.

At the same time, you could inspect the area around and below the curtains and clean this if necessary to ensure dirt and dust are not kicked up onto the curtains when people and machines pass through.

Follow a regular cleaning routine, and your strip curtains should last as long as possible.

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