6 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Queen Bed

Did you know that we spend, on average, a third of our life sleeping or trying to sleep? It’s, therefore, advisable that you choose the right bed size for your needs. This post will tackle why a traditional queen bed may be the perfect choice for styling your bedroom.

Queen-sized beds are 80-inches long and 60 inches wide. What’s great about these beds is they are large enough for two sleepers, yet small enough that they don’t take up too much space.

Queen Bed

Let’s explore why queen beds are an excellent choice for your bedroom.

1. Puts You and Your Loved One Much Closer

Queen beds have a narrower width compared to king beds. Their size is small enough to allow you and your better half to feel much closer but not too small that you feel squeezed and uncomfortable. You’ll both have room to stretch and toss and turn without waking one another up.

If you and your partner love to cuddle, then a queen bed will be an excellent fit. This bed also has sufficient napping space for your pet, kid, or friend.

2. Cost-Effective

Queen beds are more affordable than kings. There isn’t any average price for both beds since there are many variables to consider. The price depends on the material, finish, style, and additional features such as storage. You will, however, find that a queen bed is more cost effective than a king of similar make.

A queen-sized bed is an excellent option for someone buying on a budget. This bed is also one of the most popular worldwide. You won’t struggle to find suitable accessories, for example, bed sheets and curtain canopies. You can find bed sets for a queen bed in almost any store, and they are less expensive than those of a king bed.

3. Easier to Move

Another reason why you may want to consider getting a queen bed is it weighs less and thus is easier to move when necessary. You won’t struggle to clean under the bed because you can move it, and the surface area isn’t massive.

Queen beds are a perfect choice for someone who loves to redecorate frequently. You, most likely, won’t need any help moving the queen bed around your room.

4. More Room Space

One notable thing about getting a queen-sized bed is you’ll have more room space. This bed offers you space to walk around and adds more functionality to your bedroom. If you’d like to have a study desk, nightstand or bedroom sofa in your room, you won’t feel limited.

5. Can fit in Most Bedrooms

Unlike king beds, queen beds can fit well in any bedroom. You can have them in an apartment, small house or a mansion. Their size is ideal for any home décor.

When designing your bedroom, your goal should be to have just enough space for adding other functionalities. It shouldn’t be so big that it makes the bedroom look empty or too small that everything feels cramped. With a queen-sized bed, you can have enough space for everything else in your bedroom, regardless of its size.

6. Perfect for Both Couples and Singles

Another advantage of queen beds is they are perfect for both couples and single sleepers. If you have a partner, you can sleep on this bed comfortably and with ample space – you only have to worry about your partner being a duvet hoarder.

Then again, if you are single, you won’t feel like the bed is too big to sleep alone as well as having enough space to spread out a little.

7. Provides Space for Under Bed Storage

With a queen bed, you have the option of adding under-bed storage. You can use this space to place folded blankets, shoeboxes, bedsheets, or anything you want.

Having under-bed storage will help reduce clutter in your room. It also adds style to your décor, thus making your room appear classier and luxurious.

To Sum Up

Queen size beds are a suitable choice for someone who sleeps alone, with a partner or with a friend after the occasional night out. It is the perfect solution for any bedroom size, whether small or large.

Queen beds are narrower than king beds. They provide ample space for moving around and adding functionality to your bedroom. They also weigh less, making them easier to move when redecorating or cleaning. Lastly, queen beds are cost effective, and you have the option of getting one with under-bed storage.

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