7 Reasons You Need a Pressure Cooker

Pressure cooker has been in existence since the 17th century but has become common kitchen equipment since the 1930s. A pressure cooker is an airtight container that uses steam pressure to raise the water’s boiling point. This reduces the cooking time of any liquid based food and makes them perfectly edible.

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need of a pressure cooker

Mentioned below are seven reasons you need a pressure cooker


Using a pressure cooker reduces the cooking time by almost 75% which in turn means that you are done have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Also, home cooked fresh food is always better than processed foods or takeaways.


Food which has been prepared in a pressure cooker tastes better as all the flavors are retained and squeezed into the food and not let out. Even the colors are more vibrant as none of the water is let off as steam which takes most of the color and flavor away.


Pressure cooker can be used for different types of cooking be it steaming, boiling, braising, baking or poaching. All the said kind of cooking can be done by wonderful equipment which is multi faceted.

Energy efficient

Using a pressure cooker reduces the cooking time which in turn reduces your energy consumption too. As we all know energy costs these days are soaring high so reduced energy consumption means saving money for other important expense.


With a deep pan and a lid, it does not take much to keep cookers clean. It is very easy to handle due to the long handle. It also has its own timer as the nozzle; as soon as enough steam pressure is produced it pushes the nozzle up to let the steam escape. This is when the whistle from the cooker blows and we know that the cooking is done or almost done.


A pressure cooker uses less water than boiling which reduces the danger of hot equipment on the stove. When any food is cooked in a pressure cooker more bacteria and viruses are killed which makes the food even safer. Pressure cooker can also be used to sterilize baby bottles and utensils whenever there is an infant in the house. It also means reducing the cost of getting a sterilizer which can be expensive.


Pressure cookers come in different sizes so you can use the right one as per the household requirements. When a cooker has a higher temperature level it means that it will cook the food faster. So when you have guests coming in make sure you bring out the bigger cooker with a higher temperature level.

So these are the main reasons you must have a pressure cooker in your household – preferably few different ones of different sizes and for various purposes. Although this wonderful cooking equipment has been around for a long time, they are here to stay for even longer time. As more and more people are becoming health and fitness conscious, they are turning to home cooked healthy food and a pressure cooker is a must for those households. Learn how to cook with a pressure cooker.

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