Factors affecting Preschool fees in Singapore

Parents spend a lot of money on their children, paying for food, healthcare, clothes, and other expenses. They realize that the academic performance of the child will affect the future career and life of the child. So they want the best education for their child. Most children lead a very sheltered life at home and do not interact with others. This can make it difficult to adjust to primary school. Hence most parents are interested in sending their child to a preschool, where he or she will acquire the skills required to adapt better to school. To help these parents, some information about preschool Singapore fees and the factors which affect the fees are listed below.

Factors affecting Preschool fees in Singapore

Age of children

Compared to other children, the children attending preschool are very young between three to six years old. These children are spending time away from their parents, especially mother for the first time in their life. So they are more likely to feel upset and cry a lot. Hence the preschool will require more staff to look after the children who are very young. These children are also not very fluent in the different languages, so they cannot communicate clearly. Additionally, these children are very naughty and hyperactive, may get into trouble or hurt themselves, so they require more care


One of the factors which affect the fees charged by the preschool is the number and qualification of the staff which is employed by the preschool. In most primary schools one teacher is able to control twenty or thirty students in a class since the children are older and more disciplined. In comparison, the children in the preschool are very young, and they may not listen to instructions, especially in the first year they attend preschool. So the school requires well-trained and experienced staff who will give each child the personalized attention they require, ensuring that they do not hurt themselves.

Skills, subjects taught

While some of the preschools will only teach the child basic language and other skills, adjusting to staying away from the parent, some preschools are teaching the children different languages or basic math. Preschools which teach the student multiple languages like English and Chinese are likely to charge higher fees. The child will be prepared for education in primary school, teaching the child to read in a structured manner. The school may also periodically assess the literacy levels of the child and use the latest techniques to improve the language skills and confidence of the child.

Like tuition, the fees charged will depend on the timing of the preschool. If the child is attending the preschool for only three hours a day, the fees will be lower compared to a preschool that teaches the child for five or six hours daily. In some schools, the children are also provided with nutritious breakfast and lunch, so these schools will have higher fees. If the school has more educational toys, games, teaching aids, a playground, library, and other facilities, it is more likely to charge the children attending higher fees. Well established preschools which have trained more children are likely to charge more. Timings and facilities

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