New Tech Era: Here Are The Top 10 Coolest Tech Gadgets To Buy In 2021

Do you find technology mesmerizing and keep tabs on upcoming gadgets? Are you one of those who feel an adrenaline rush while discussing technical devices? Technology primarily drives the modern world, and technological developments are changing and mutating practices exponentially. Every year specialized companies introduce unique and fascinating gadgets that promise to make human life easier. Some technical devices enhance productivity, several make doing household chores a breeze, and numerous devices enhance the quality of life. Technological enthusiasts keep themselves abreast with the happenings of the technological world and are aware of technological wonders.

2020 was an unpredictable year that upended world practices massively. People had no choice but to turn to technology to continue their life and bring some normalcy. Several people who were not very thrilled about technology and digital means discovered technical marvels. It developed a technology enthusiast in them.

Like every year, in 2021, several technology companies have released teasers and announced their new devices that will emerge this year. Some of them have given limited information to raise curiosity, several are keeping things under wraps, and numerous have already launched versatile gadgets. Some of the cool gadgets that tech-savvy people should buy in 2021 are as follows:

1. EVP Recorder

EVP, Electronic Voice Phenomenon, is a popular device that ghost hunters use in their paranormal investigation.  The latest EVP recorder disembodies voices of lower levels and records ghosts voices to communicate with the spirits. Paranormal investigators ask around about stores that have gained a reputation as many fake products are available in the market. They must check out SpiritShack as the brand has an established name in selling special ghost hunting equipment. The advanced EVP recorder comes with a stereo recorder, five folders, transfer and play WMA files, and many other features.

2. Deebot Robot Vacuum Cleaners

When vacuum cleaners came into the market, people were dumbfounded with the invention that the machine could do the cleaning for them. Deebot Robotic vacuum cleaners have taken the technology to another level. They are compact and come with an in-build navigation feature to maneuver without bumping. Cleaning is not a one-day job, and many people are not fond of household chores. Investing in Deebot vacuum cleaners is ideal for them as they can schedule the cleaning time, and the device will do the job even if they are away.

3. Awair Air Quality Monitor

Smart air quality monitors have become a need. It regulates the temperature without the need for inhabitants to intervene. Awair routinely updates humidity, carbon dioxide levels, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), and temperature values. The best part is it syncs seamlessly with a virtual home assistant and can take the necessary action. People can get updates on their applications and receive tips to improve the air quality of their homes, in addition. The application has a tab under ‘trend’ that allows people to compare air quality and see the changes.

4. Tile Pro Bluetooth Trackers

Not very long ago, people wanted to have a device that could alert them that they were leaving a valuable item behind and save them from bearing significant losses. Bluetooth is an amazing technology that provides greater connectivity. Bluetooth tracker allows people to track their everyday items, such as keys, wallets, id cards, and other precious things. Tile Pro Bluetooth Tracker uses IoT technology and easily locates people’s belongings.

5. Amazon Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite

Bibliophiles used to complain about lack of space as they wanted to purchase a plethora of books. Kindle Paperwhite is an answer to their problem as it allows them to store a massive collection of books on their devices. People no longer need to carry heavy paperbacks as the device is sufficient for them. The latest version of Amazon Kindle Paperwhite will be out later this year. The company has raised excitement among gadget enthusiasts by revealing that it will be waterproof. People will be able to devour their favorite books alongside the pool.

6. The Ridge RFID Wallet

The Ridge has a unique approach and established its identity in giving a minimalist approach to wallets. The RFID wallet is the coolest gadget that they have launched as it can block radio frequency identification signals (RFID). Since now people carry their credit and work keycards, hackers can track and steal information through these waves. The Ridge RFID wallet provides utmost security as it blocks the signals and lets hackers get away with precious details.

7. Peloton Bike

Many tech-savvy people are weight conscious and look for gadgets that can help them stay fit. They prefer purchasing a sleek exercise machine that does not occupy much space and adds to the décor of their house. Peloton bike is a sturdy piece of gym equipment and has incredible features. The best part is people can cater to all body parts and indulge in full-body workouts. It comes with an improvised touchscreen and an auto-follow option that adheres to instructors’ commands.

8. Fujifilm Instax mini Mobile Photo Printer

People cherish memories and want to preserve them. In this digital era, when every person has a camera phone, many people wish to have printed photos. They like to own a device that can directly print photos from their phone. Fujifilm is a well-known brand, and its Instax mini–Mobile Photo Printer can connect to any iOS or Android device via WIFI. It can print up to 100 continuous shots and take only twelve seconds to print one photo.

9. KEF Mu3 Noise-Canceling Wireless Earbuds

Although KEF is not known for making earphones or speakers, they are venturing into new territory. The Mu3 Noise-Cancelling Earbuds are wireless and allow people to listen to their favorite podcasts, audiobooks, or songs on the go. The fantastic feature is that it cancels unnecessary noise, providing people clear audibility. KEF MU3 Noise- Canceling Wireless Earbuds’ battery life is exemplary and can last up to 15 hours.

10. Chromecast with Google TV

Chromecast with Google TV takes entertainment to another level. The incredible device connects to a home network and allows you to control TV functions through your smartphone. People can watch Netflix, YouTube, and other streaming services. Today, many people prefer taking meetings through applications like Zoom or Google meet. With Google TV, the meetings get bigger, giving clearer visibility and audibility.


Technology is far from stagnant, and it continues to bring new wonders now and then. It has impacted the world’s industries and changed the way people perform their functions. In the contemporary age, people depend on technical devices for routine activities. They feel that their lives come to a halt when there is a glitch. Each year specialized companies announce that they will release some gadgets and technical enthusiasts wait for their emergence. The year 2021 is no different, and companies are bringing their new devices to the fore.

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