5 Online Engineering Courses for Hobbyists to Evaluate

These days, you can learn just about anything online. The challenge is finding courses that are worth your time.

If engineering what interests you, it can be even more difficult to find a course that meets your expectations.

We’ve compiled five online engineering courses that could suit anyone whose hobby deals with all different types of engineering..

online engineering courses

1. RocketGear Academy

This online learning platform is a bit more than just a class. RocketGear provides training on mechanical engineering as well as training on the top programs that engineers use every day.

What better way to upgrade your skills than to learn how to use the newest and best technology?

Your membership, whether monthly or yearly will provide you with access to all of their available courses, hands on projects, and interaction with your instructor.

While other platforms don’t incorporate the practical skills that an engineer would use, RocketGear Academy teaches engineering as an all encompassing program from beginner to professional.

2. EdX

EdX is known for its provision of university classes from colleges all over the world. They offer the same to those who are interested in engineering.

Their courses cover topics like robot engineering, thermodynamics, structural and mechanical engineering, and more. Many of their courses are free but you need to pay in order to get a certificate of completion for your resume.

You’ll find courses from renowned universities such as MIT, TokyoTech, and Purdue.

3. Future Learn

This online learning platform is completely free but they specialize in short, developmental courses. You won’t learn the basics here, but if you already have a solid base, this site is worth looking into.

Need to brush up on your industry or upgrade your knowledge?

Future Learn is an affordable and effective way to do just that. You can expect to hear discussions and watch videos from professors who know their stuff. You can also take quizzes to make sure you are grasping the main points.

4. Udemy

If you are looking for a specific course on a specific area of engineering, this site is a great choice. Each course is very affordable, most being under twenty bucks.

They are short and succinct and you’ll complete the course with a better understanding than when you entered.

It’s important to note that most of these courses would be just for your own personal skillset and don’t offer any certificates of any kind.

5. Youtube

Let’s face it. You can learn just about anything on Youtube. This fact holds true about engineering as well.

You’ll find other hobbyists just like you on Youtube that are just as passionate and curious about your hobby as you are. They love to share their knowledge and projects to help a fellow enthusiast out.

The best part is that it’s all free. Of course, you will have to sift through the videos of those who don’t really know what they are doing but if you look long enough, you’ll find a hidden gem on Youtube.

It’s like thrift shopping for online courses. You might have to look longer for what you’re looking for but once you find it, you’ll feel so proud of yourself.

Watching these free Youtube channels can soon become your new pastime. You might be watching someone with a little teaching background, but if you come away with a nugget of knowledge it doesn’t matter where it came from.


Innovation is at the core of engineering and using online courses instead of the traditional way is, well, quite innovative.

These online engineering courses could be just what you need to solve a problem, design your new gadget, or become a renowned engineer while working full time.

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