Nomos Glashutte Luxury Watch Collections

Classy accuracy explains Nomos Glashutte pieces reliably. Though maybe not quite as popular as earlier watchmakers like Patek Philippe or Rolex, the Nomos Glashutte label is already well on the road to particular popularity. Two months just after the collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1990, the company was introduced.

Yet, in the field of automatic timepieces, it has since gained a reputation for its own. In its simple structure, elegant, stylish, and breathtaking, these Nomos Glashutte pieces offered for purchase also have been designed only on their behalf. They appear to seamlessly blendGlashütte’ss lengthy craftsmanship practice with a completely new design.

Nomos Glashutte Luxury Watch Collections

Metro NeoMatik Automatic White Dial for Men

One after another, Nomos Glashutte has presented its people with works of art, primarily the result of years of expertise in the automatic watches sector. Both from the label’s Metro Neomatik line, this watch is a fine reflection of the perfection acquired by the manufacturer through the years.

Without leaving the watches to appear so plain, the simple white style of its dial gives this the expression of grace and beauty. It also includes elaborately labeled indexes and a slight red effect, which the clock offers. With such a dark leather band that gives a bit of elegance, its steel case of the whole wristwatch rests securely on one’s forearm.

Tangente Manual-Winding White Dial Unisex

The Tangente 101 Nomos piece is indeed a product people will love if they appreciate the comparison of blue and also white. It boasts a stainless steel frame fitted to a dark leather belt (shell cordovan). It features a stainless steel angle balanced Silver colored. Same with its dial, only with blue stainless hands and contrasting Arabic number system and index hours markings, it is indeed a Galvanized white silver-plated something that looks beautiful.

Club Automatic Date Atlantic Blue Dial for Men

Once it includes setting a category away, this timepiece can have people handled. This Club Automatic Date 776 consists of a strong-functioning quality DUW 5101 with 26 gems and even a lengthy power deposit for about 42 hours. And hence, this will remain throughout the day once you are in need. There is also an attractive Atlantic blue dial labeled together with white superluminova indicators and indexes.

Club Sport Neomatik 42 Date Black Automatic Black Dial for Men

This sporty watch arises with an excellent waterproofing of approximately 1000 ft. When this relates to appearance, the timepiece does have an exceedingly crafted dial. The dial does have a reinforced, dark background color and superluminova white indexes. There’s also a semi-dial at the 6 o’clock location and then a date section also at 3 o’clock location. You will have a host of advantages for this structure.

Club Campus Neomatik 39 Automatic White Dial For Men

Famous by many gentlemen for everyone’s distinguishing characteristics, the Club Campus Neomatik designs are highly appreciable. The 765 plans by Nomos Glashütte see a highly useful DUW 3001 caliber and thereby elevate this to the cream from its section. Also, the claim is designed out of stainless.

Club Campus 38 Night Manual-Winding Black Dial For Men

Amen’s item from such a recognized manufacturer was its Club Campus 736 Nomos device. A casing, stainless steel with a durable black (velour) leather belt, is included. The beautiful black dial has index and hands hour markings in silver color. Remember that the 2, 10, and 12o’clockk locations are labeled with Arabic symbols.

As with the Roman number system, also at points of 4 and 8 o’clock can be seen. The multilingual indicators insert into this watch’s originality. The arm of the 2nd sub-dial, neon-orange, actually slips against its dark dial. Delicate artistry is all over that watch.

Orion Neomatik 41 Date Automatic White Dial For Men

There is also the Orion Neomatik 360 NOMOS timepiece whether you are searching for anything more classical so far, even with a fresh take to all of it. It features a very traditionally masculine fashion that will undoubtedly go too with a range of styles. Tied to the black Horween Genuine Shell leather belt, this timepiece has a Silver colored stainless steel case.

This watch embodies complexity, showcasing a white dial to blue fingers and indexes hour markings. The semi-dial for seconds does have a dark hand that increases performance appearance. Also, at the 3 o’clock location, the date is showcased.


Nomos Glashütte is indeed a 170-year-old German watchmaker. These products are indeed fantastic watches of superb value that have that vintage vibe. There’s a classy and simple look to the famous watch series. Orion, Tetra, Ludwig, and also the Metro have set.

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